Seattle Pacific University Art Department Visiting Artist
Kevin Hamilton

The Art Department at Seattle Pacific University is pleased to invite Kevin Hamilton to campus to work with art students and present his artistic practice to the public. Kevin is a highly skilled artist and scholar with wide ranging interdisciplinary interests that fit perfectly with SPU’s liberal arts mission. His visit is funded through a generous grant from the Robert B. McMillen Foundation.

Kevin Hamillton
American Sinai (Digital Photograph)

(higher resolution images available on request)

Kevin Hamillton
A Place In Time (Graphic Novel Excerpt)

(higher resolution images available on request)


Public Lecture: Artist as Researcher
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 | 7:00 PM
Demaray Hall 150, Seattle Pacific University

Though many of art's subjects are timeless, the shape of the vocation itself is in constant flux. What "going to work" looks like for one generation of artists rarely holds for the next generation. Audiences, economic flows, even standards of evaluation shift like rivers in their beds. This talk will examine one emerging approach in which artists act not first as object-makers or performers but as knowledge producers. Originally confined to and supported by academic institutions, but rapidly moving into other cultural sectors, these artists work in whatever medium is necessary to reaching their goal - that of furthering understanding about some subject, site or experience held in common for a particular place and time. The talk will draw from examples in the artist's own work, as well as from prominent exhibitions and art institutions around the globe.

Workshop: Collaborative design and public projects
Thursday, November 7th, 2013 | 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Seattle Pacific University Art Center

Designers and artists are increasingly called upon to create site-specific events and projects that take certain audiences, histories or social exchanges as their departure points, rather than particular media or narratives. City planners, event designers, and "social entrepreneurs" want to create memorable nodes of interaction for communities in economic "transition." Advertisers are looking for new ways of branding even the most immaterial of exchanges and experiences. Activists are also looking to design more memorable, spectacular ways of raising awareness. Everywhere we look, artists and designers are being asked to design social and institutional experiences, and not only objects or images. How can such work still develop in rigorous ways that allow for improvisation and response to material conditions, especially in collaborative situations? This workshop will survey the current landscape of "experience design" for public spaces, and then walk participants through a method of working collaboratively to design such an experience. We'll divide into small groups and brainstorm a series of possible solutions to a public experience design problem.

Kevin Hamilton ( is Associate Professor of New Media and Painting in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois, and a Dean's Fellow in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. At Illinois he also Co-Directs of the Center for People and Infrastructures in the Coordinated Science Lab. Working largely in collaborative and cross-disciplinary settings, Kevin produces artworks, archives, and scholarship on such subjects as place and memory, history of technology, and state-mediated violence. Recent work has included research and production on cybernetics, race, and the role of film in America's rise to nuclear power. His self-published graphic novel, A Place in Time is currently in distribution at Champaign and Urbana area libraries, and he is currently at work on an NEH-funded digital archive for nuclear test films.