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Design Studio

  • Newly refurbished design studios with adjustable desks and computer projectors for instructor and student demonstration.
  • Large spaces for students to complete work and participate intimately in class setting.
  • Locker Area for students to store supplies and works.
  • Filing Bins with sample work.
  • Sink Area for brush cleaning and supply clean up.
  • Light table for tracing capabilities.
  • Mat Cutters

Drawing and Painting Studio

  • Large working space
  • Multiple easels in room for student use
  • Workhorse desks for drawing and painting set-up
  • Student locker and painting storage area
  • Sink area for brush clean up

Printmaking Studio

  • Turn-of-the-century antique lithography press (Fuchs & Lang)
  • Etching and collograph press (intaglio)
  • Acid bath equipment for etchings
  • Safety features, including eye wash stand
  • Corkboard critique/drying walls
  • Large desktop table spaces

Sculpture Studio

  • Large sculpture work space and necessary equipment
  • Locker area for storing student work and supplies

Metals Studio

  • Metal working supplies and machinery
  • Large student workspace
  • Sink area for clean up