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Philosophy Department Faculty

Philosophy is the attempt to answer certain persistent human questions. These questions fall into three traditional groups:

  • Axiology (the theory of value)
  • Metaphysics (the theory of being)
  • Epistemology (the theory of knowledge)

Characteristic questions include the following:

  • What is good?
  • What is real?
  • What is knowledge, and how can one achieve it?

By studying what the great philosophers have to say about these questions, one can develop a clear personal philosophy (and a clearer grasp of Christian theology), learn about the history of thought, and develop analytical skills — which can be applied to any other field.

Philosophy majors often train for careers in law, the ministry, the computer industry, and education, but philosophers are also found in most other professional fields. Serious students in all majors are encouraged to consider Philosophy as a second major.

Admission to the Major or Minor
Applicants for a major or minor in Philosophy must display a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in all college work applicable to the degree, or 3.0 in the 45 credits immediately preceding application to the major or minor.

Application may be made through the Major or Minor Application form (PDF). A student must complete the Philosophy major or minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major or minor.

Students who choose Philosophy as a second major must earn a total of 50 credits, 25 of which must be upper-division. With the approval of the Philosophy faculty, the student may omit 5 credits from the history, systematic, or elective courses.

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