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Student-Designed majors are intended for students with high academic achievement who have a particular interest that crosses the boundaries of disciplinary majors. A student may design an individualized major of courses selected from the various disciplines that apply to the student's special interest.

Once a student has discussed a possible special major with a faculty advisor, he or she should submit the Student Designed Major Application (PDF), including the following:

  • The proposed program
  • A statement of purpose and rationale
  • Evidence of an advisor’s and school’s approval to the Curriculum Committee 

The proposal should include evidence that the student has considered courses or learning experiences, such as Internships or Independent Study, which will provide an opportunity to integrate content and skills from the various disciplines in his or her program. The Curriculum Committee may suggest changes, but once the proposal has been approved by the committee, a contract will be drawn up to be placed in the student’s file in Student Academic Services.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • A student-designed major must be applied for no later than the first quarter of a student’s junior year.

  • All standards governing a major as described elsewhere in the Undergraduate Catalog (e.g., minimum number of upper-division credits in the major, minimum cumulative GPA for acceptance into the major) will apply to Student-Designed programs.

  • A student must have a minimum SPU cumulative GPA of 3.00 to apply for a Student-Designed major.



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