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More Than a Paycheck

A Conversation With Katherine Leary Alsdorf on Faith and Work

At Work

Seven People Immersed in Their Jobs

The Healthy Workplace

Balancing the Needs of the Organization and the Employee

The Discipleship of Good Work

Literary Perspectives on Labor

Play Without Ceasing

Why Work and Play Aren’t Opposites — and Why They Belong Together


The World Acting Globally

Tesfa Netela

Weaving Scarves of Hope for Ethiopian Women


Seattle Is Fast Becoming a Global Health Nexus

Alumna Uses Her Psychology Degree to Build Peace

The City Urban Perspectives

The Healing Power of Music

EMP and SPU Team Up for a Quieter Kind of Camp


UScholar Brings Refugees’ Story to Life

The Bible & Theology Toward Christian Maturity

A Prophet for Discipleship

If You Know Isaiah, You Know Jesus


Theologian Rick Steele Goes Behind Bars

Athletics The Scholar-Athlete

A Champion Thrower

Falcon Makes Good on High-School Promise with NCAA Title Win


Falcons in the Hunt for Regional, National Tournaments

Alumni A World Community

2013 Alumna of the Year

With Love, From Her Oven


Fashion Writer Puts Her Best Foot Forward

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