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Small Change, Big Impact

Re-inventing Soda With Panache

Photos by Sarah and Chris Rhoads

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Seven years ago, Sharelle Klaus' kitchen became her laboratory. She'd craved an adult beverage during her four pregnancies. Now, she was determined to revolutionize the soda world by creating a healthier bottled drink for the adult palate.

“I made batches and batches of soda in search of the right flavor profiles, and that's when I hit on DRY Soda,” says Klaus '92. “It's less sweet, all natural, and made for sipping.”

In seven unique flavors such as lavender and kumquat, DRY Soda is marketed as a nonalcoholic beverage alternative.

Her faith has taught Klaus the value of every individual she employs. “Faith propels the daily operations and, in return, I am blessed to work with the most creative, hardworking, and intelligent people.”

Customers sample the fruit of Klaus' labor in the DRY corporate tasting room in Pioneer Square (pictured) — and at retailers around the nation.