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Lectio: Enriching the Church

From Washington state to the Panama Canal, Seattle Pacific University's Lectio program has
reached thousands of listeners. Now, churches have started using Lectio for sermon series, small
groups, and youth ministries.

Kurt Helmcke, associate pastor of North Creek Presbyterian Church in Mill Creek, Washington, has used Lectio since the autumn of 2011 in small-group settings as a teaching aid.

After a couple from his congregation returned from a cruise, Helmcke was informed that they
listened to Lectio while in the midst of the Panama Canal on their cruise ship. “It was absolutely
extraordinary that they could still listen to Lectio when they needed it,” he says.

In its third year of the four-year guided Bible reading program, Lectio has more than 3,000 subscribers worldwide.

Reverend Pat Vance of Warm Beach Free Methodist Church in Stanwood, Washington, also praises
Lectio as a great resource. “We really encourage our people to use it,” he says. Reverend Vance
centered a preaching series on “Reading Isaiah” that followed the SPU Lectio on Isaiah.

“We try to coincide a preaching series with the readings so people can not only hear on Sundays, but throughout the week,” Vance says. Celeste Cranston, director of the Center for Biblical and Theological Education, says she's encouraged that churches have “caught the vision” of the program.

“I'm thrilled that Scripture is being elevated through Lectio in these various communities of faith,” she says. “Lectio is being put to good use as a valuable tool for Christian discipleship.”

You can subscribe to Lectio, SPU's weekly podcast and online guided Bible reading at Spring Quarter readings focus on Acts.