The layers of Spectra reflect how our different identities exist on their own planes but also converge into a larger narrative that we tell in the greater design community.

Spectra 2017 explores the conversation presented through our diverse perspectives.

Seattle Pacific University
VCD Showcase
05.25.17 - 06.09.16

June 1st, 2017
5–7 pm

Seattle Pacific Art Center
3 West Cremona St.
Seattle, WA

Who we are

cassandra bertelson

mark charcas

mike curry

katelyn ewen

tommy ferguson

kiley jack

rebecka julås

elyse lankford

katie lozancich

brenda muldoon

connor pierce

carlie penning

michael sand

jinxy wang

venalie scheck

annmarie ulskey

keelan wood

karen yae

Where to find us

3 W Cremona St, Seattle 98119