Here are a series of lecture notes and materials which we distribute to students before the lectures.  Students can take notes on the lecture notes in class as the lectures progress.  We have organized the notes by subject area rather than individual lectures because some classes progress more rapidly than others.  They are usually presented in the following order:

  • Valuation Factors

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Free Cash Flow

  • PV & TV


  • Market Method

We present Valuation Factors first because it introduces the concept of valuation and gives organization to the course.  The eight IRS valuation factors are suggestive of financial statement analysis and industry analysis, and the income, market, and asset methods of valuation. 
Cases and readings are interspersed to expand on the lectures.

The lecture materials are assigned readings that are referenced in this syllabus.

Fundamentals:  Course Materials

Fundamentals:  Lecture Notes (all Excel files)