Information Systems (BS)

With a bachelor of science degree in Information Systems from SPU, you’ll gain the tools to help people and organizations bridge the gap between their information needs and the technology to help them be more productive.

Computer Science class

You’ll learn the technical and organizational side of information systems in a program that includes:

  • 12 required computer science courses
  • applied calculus, computer math, and statistics
  • organizational and management courses

Ultimately, IS professionals deal with all aspects of organizational technology — from deciding information requirements or supporting existing systems to specifying, designing, and implementing new systems.

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Here’s a suggested course sequence flow chart.

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Why I Teach at SPU

Mike Tindall, Professor of Computer Science

“I teach at SPU because with the increasingly important and pervasive role of computing technologies in all aspects of our society, I believe it is imperative to prepare students as technically excellent individuals with the strong Christian moral and ethical foundation that enables them to shape and influence computing development in ways that result in correct, stable, efficient, appropriate, and secure applications and environments.”

Engineering job

Where Will You End Up?

Visit ACM Computing Degrees and Careers to learn more about how to serve others as you put this degree to work. You can also do a little freestyle career exploration with the help of SPU’s Center for Career and Calling.