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Professional Development

Professional Development

As an educator, you want to stay current on the latest research and methods, and continue developing your skills in order to benefit your students. To assist you, the Center for Professional Education at Seattle Pacific University's School of Education offers courses for certified teachers and education professionals to enhance their abilities and/or maintain certification requirements.

Credits and CEUs (Clock Hours)

SPU continuing education courses are 5000-level, graduate-level courses available for credit. However, the credits do not apply toward a degree unless cleared and approved by an academic advisor. The purpose of these credits is for your continuing education and professional development.

SPU offers noncredit continuing education units (CEUs) for a variety of courses and events in Washington. Noncredit units may be offered as an option with most credit offerings, but you may not receive credits and CEUs for the same course or event.

SPU CEUs are approved by the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as Washington state clock hours and meet state, educational certification, and salary-advancement requirements.

Student Status and Credit Load

Continuing Education students may take no more than 60 credits in an academic year (July 1 - June 30) and any credits taken in excess of this limit will be disallowed.
While formal admission is not required for you to begin taking classes at SPU, if you are interested in pursuing a specific degree or an endorsement, we encourage you to apply for admission as soon as possible.

Loan Deferment

The University has established that 3 graduate level credits per quarter is equivalent to half-time status. In addition, 5000-level courses have transitioned from a quarter-based term to a year-long term structure. Therefore, 5000-level courses are not eligible for loan deferment and will not be verified for half-time enrollment.

Locations and Delivery Methods

Continuing education courses are offered in a variety of locations and delivery methods through the Center for Professional Education at SPU. These include:

Distance Learning Options

SPU's Center for Professional Education has over 200 distance learning classes in a variety of subject areas. You can make the coursework fit your schedule, have grades posted to fit your certification timeline, and earn credits toward certification or an endorsement in a new area.

Distance learning uses a variety of media to provide an intentional learning experience where the student and instructor are geographically separated. You will find distance learning courses in our Course Finder.

District-Sponsored Classes

Many Washington state and ESDs school districts partner with SPU to provide specific classes for their teachers on site. Contact your district administrative office to see if SPU is offering specific classes in your district.

Summer Institutes and On-Campus Classes

Summer Institutes on the SPU campus offer a number of classes, two to five days in length, designed to provide research-based education and training for helping teachers improve student learning. Other on-campus classes include courses for the Health Fitness Endorsement, social studies, physics, and music. When the Summer Institutes and other courses are announced in March, you will find them in our Course Finder.

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Find Available Courses

Looking for an online course, a distance learning course, or a course on site near you? Explore your choices and options.

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