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Equipping the church and the SPU community to become more biblically literate and better able to articulate the language of the Christian faith

scholarly, accessible, and spiritually enriching opportunities to go deeper with Scripture and engage in serious theological reflection

between the academy and the broader church community

a signature commitment of Seattle Pacific University: “We will be a place that embraces the Christian Story, becoming biblically and theologically literate.”

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 Lectio: Guided Bible Reading

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NEW Lectio Series!

The 2016-2017 Lectio begins with a brand new series, so we hope you'll follow along as we travel through Jeremiah with Dr. Stephen Fowl (NEW), the Gospel of Luke with Dr. Mark Abbott, Acts with Dr. Jack Levison, Hebrew Wisdom Literature with Dr. Rick Steele, and the Epistle of James with Dr. Dave Nienhuis. Schedules available on our website, and be sure to check out past series in the readings archive.

SoulCare Program - Wesleyan Small Groups

Derived from SPU's Wesleyan/holiness heritage, SoulCare small groups embody a practice in Christian formation that exposes UFDN 1000 students to Christian community. The groups facilitate growth in awareness and love of self, neighbor, and God. Participants gather weekly to ask and answer the question, "How goes it with your soul?" Watch the video and learn more here.

New Videos Available

Five SPU theology professors provide a brief introduction to the Apostolic Letters, the Prophets, the Torah, Revelation, and the Gospels and approaches for these various canonical collections of the Bible.



VIDEO: Selections from Israel’s Story

Dr. Sara Koenig gives an introduction to SPU’s Summer 2015 Lectio series, Selections from Israel’s Story.

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