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Fine Arts Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are a part of an institutional commitment designed to support the continuation and increased excellence of our University Theatre program.  These awards are made to those undergraduates who exhibit distinctive theatrical talent and who match the artistic staffing requirements of the UT production program.  Importantly, these awards are made without regard to intended or approved major, and are available to any full-time (12 credits of enrollment or more each quarter) undergraduate who can demonstrate the needed artistic qualifications.

This scholarship program does not require you to have documented financial need, so it is truly a matter of merit.  And best of all, these artistic merit scholarships are renewable for up to four years for an entering Freshman or the equivalent of four years of undergradu­ate enrollment for transfer students.

All Fine Arts Merit Scholarships are awarded after audition or portfolio review by the Theatre Faculty.  Typically, during Winter quarter, the theatre faculty auditions several dozen hopefuls who have prepared performances of monologues or have assembled design sketches, light plots or other indications of artistic productivity.  After assessing the artistic promise of all the candidates, and taking into consideration the needs of the University Theatre talent pool, the Theatre Faculty makes recommendation for scholarship awards to the university’s Office of Financial Aid.

Considerations involved in merit scholarship recommendations include raw talent, obviously, and promise for development, obviously, but also such matters as:

1) artistic dedication as demonstrated by résumé activities,

2) apparent ability to easily accept assignments in both technical theatre and performance,

3) demonstration of a personality matching Seattle Pacific’s mission and University Theatre’s goals,

4) potential to fill a particular performer type or a special technical qualification needful for the success of upcoming UT seasons. 

These are never easy assessments to make, but are the only honest approach to the interest of the department in supporting the excellence of our production program.  The issue is complicated by the restriction of numbers. 

Theatre Merit Scholarship recipients are required to enroll for a minimum of two (2) credits each quarter of TRE 1930/3930 Performance Practicum or TRE 1931/3931Production Practicum (if cast in a production), and to be actively involved with the UT production program.  Failure to meet this requirement or dipping below a full-time credit load will result in the loss of the scholarship. 

If you are not a holder of one of these merit scholarships and would like to apply, you must complete and return a Fine Arts Merit Scholarship Application, obtainable from the Fine Arts Office on the second floor of Crawford Music Building.  This application is due not  later than the end of January.  In order to be considered you will need to go through the formal process of audition or portfolio review, applying for an appointment for one of the audition dates listed on the application form.

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