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2007 Winning Grants

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Thank you to all who participated in the 2007 SPU Teaching and Technology Grant competition.  The winning grants submissions are from 1) Melani Plett and Ryan LaBrie and 2) Sharon Young.

Active Synchronous Virtual Classroom for Enchanced Distance Learning

Melani Plett, Brad Gjerding, Don Peter, & Elaine Scott - Department of Engineering

Ryan LaBrie & Jeff Van Duzer - School of Business & Economics

Interactive classroom environments are a distinctive part of the learning experience at SPU. However, often it is difficult for non-traditional students to fully participate in the classroom due to work schedules and travel commitments. To meet this challenge, Engineering Programs (EGR) and the School of Business and Economics (SBE) have joined together to develop an active synchronous virtual classroom to enable students at remote sites to participate in an interactive classroom environment by enhancing the audio/visual capabilities provided by the Adobe Acrobat Connect software currently available for ten virtual interactive classroom seats. This will be accomplished through the use of two distinctive technological features. First, we aim to provide the instructor with a Tablet PC to enable active-media instruction, combining the benefits of active electronic whiteboards with pre-prepared PowerPoint presentations. Second, we aim to improve classroom interaction through enhancement of the interactive audio-visual environment with the addition of a Bluetooth headset microphone for the instructor, high quality audio microphones located throughout the classroom, and a Logitech Quick Cam to bring the on-campus classroom to off-campus students. We will initially implement this technology in three courses in engineering and business offered during the 2007 spring and fall quarters, and offer a workshop to the faculty based on these experiences in the winter of 2008.

Learning and Teaching Mathematics Using an Interactive Whiteboard

Sharon Young – School of Education

The grant will be used to purchase an Activboard+2 Complete system (an interactive whiteboard with built-in projector and Activstudio software) from Promethean Company's Activclassroom technology. The Activboard will be installed in the Mathematics Education Room in Otto Miller Hall. In this innovative technology, the software is projected through a computer onto the large interactive whiteboard. Students and teachers can then interact with the material projected onto the screen by touching special pens to the screen. Objects touched can be manipulated and duplicated. The pens can also produce writing on the screen. In addition, the software can video and audio record the interaction on the screen during a lesson. These recordings can then be stored on Blackboard and made accessible to students for review purposes. The goals for this project are for SPU teacher certification students to learn mathematics using this innovative technology, learn how to teach mathematics using this technology, and improve their attitude toward the use of technology in the K-12 classroom. The participating professors will have ten hours of training on the use of the Activboard and software. When the training is complete, the board and software will be incorporated into the instruction of at least one mathematics education course during the spring ’07 quarter as a pilot and then other mathematics education courses in the fall. For details and visuals of the technology, visit the website: http://www.prometheanworld.com/us/server/show/nav.2210


Special thanks to the grant application evaluation team:

2006 Grant Winners - Kathleen Braden, Jenifer Phelan

CAS – Kevin Bolding

CIS – Dave Tindall

CSFD – Susan Gallagher

SBE – Randy Franz

SOE – Andrew Lumpe

SOT – Jeff Keuss

SPFC – Scott Edwards

And the grant sponsors:

Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

Computer & Information Systems

Instructional Technology Services

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