Student Leaders: Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a five-day immersion experience designed to help participants encounter people experiencing homelessness and learn what resources are available to Seattle's homeless population.

  • Nights are spent sleeping in a downtown church.
  • Days are filled with explorations as participants walk the streets.
  • Learn from representatives of local social service agencies.
  • Experience some of the challenges the homeless face.

Urban Plunge takes place during Christmas and Spring breaks.

For more information about Urban Plunge, contact Madelyn Hogue (

Learn more about Urban Plunge at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Plunge Media

Urban Plunge Featured on KIRO Radio

Urban Plunge was featured on KIRO News Radio in Spring, 2013. Read the story online.

Video Reflection: Winter, 2012

View "Urban Plunge: Hope and Despair" online, or download from ITunes University.

Video Reflections from Spring, 2011
Urban Plunge Spring 2011
Experiencing Generosity

A Humbling Experience

Strangers in Our Own Community

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Video Reflections from Winter, 2011

Students share a story from a person they met on the street.

Plunge participants recount their interaction with a store clerk.

Students describe the toll the Plunge experience has on their physical condition and their sense of initiative.

Elissa Cook explains Urban Plunge in the Winter, 2011 Perkins Perspective.

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Spring, 2009 Urban Plungers shared their reflections in this video. SPU students on Urban Plunge

Spring 2009 Urban Plunge made the news in this Seattle Times article.

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(via iTunes) of Winter, 2008 Urban Plunge.

Find out what SPU students said about the December 2008 Urban Plunge.

“I went in thinking that this was an opportunity for me to be Christ to these people. What I discovered was that they had become Christ to me." — Mike, sophomore