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Suggested Course Sequences:

These Suggested Course Sequences (SCS) were developed by the departments to give students guidance on a possible way to complete the major in a four year timeframe.  Depending on your circumstances, your curriculum path may not look like the suggestion.   First year students should follow the first year sequence, and fill in the open spaces with common curriculum and then ways of knowing courses.  Transfer students will want to make sure first and second year courses are completed first, before moving on to third year courses.  These students should work with an advisor in the department during their first quarter at SPU. 

The recommendation is that students look at their plan for their first year, and in spring quarter of their first year, develop a plan for the second year.  It is during the second year that students should apply for their major(s) and minor(s).  At the end of the second year, students can develop a plan for degree completion for their final two quarters.   Please note that the catalog and time schedule are published annually in the spring, so course plans may need to be modified. 

Most of the SCS’s do not include the general education requirements needed to graduate. 

Foreign Language Competency – Students who did not meet this requirement prior to enrolling at SPU are encouraged to finish the requirement their first year here, unless it interferes with major and common curriculum coursework. 

Writing Competency – Students who are required to meet this competency by taking ENG 2201 need to do so within their first three quarters at SPU. 

“W” credits – Most students will find that these are built into their major, and take these classes their junior or senior year. 

Common Curriculum:
USEM 1000 – must be taken fall quarter of freshman year
UCOR 1000 and UFDN 1000 – should be taken winter and spring quarters of freshman year.  Transfer students should take UFDN 1000 as soon as they are able, with UCOR 1000 following.

UFDN 2000 should be taken in the sophomore year, and must be completed before students can take UFDN 3100 or UCOR 3000
UCOR 2000 can be taken at any time it fits, ideally in the sophomore year.

UFDN 3100 should be taken in the junior or senior year.
UCOR 3000 should be taken in the junior or senior year. 

General Education:
Ways of Knowing Courses – Ideally, these would be completed in the freshman and sophomore year.  Watch for overlap with these courses and your intended major.  Many majors have at least one WK course built into the major.

Ways of Engaging Courses – Most students will want to take this course their junior year, after firmly solidifying their major and minor plans.  WE courses CANNOT be in a student’s major, which is why it is best to wait to take this course until after your curriculum plans are solidified. 

Archived Suggested Course Sequences:

Suggested Course Sequences 2015-16: