New Student Advising

New Student Advising

New Student Advising is designed for all new SPU students, both freshmen and transfers. Our goal is to get you registered for your first quarter’s classes.

Remember, choosing Direct Registration or an on-campus session earlier in the summer increases your chances of getting into your first-choice classes.

And in all cases, you’ll need to submit advance payment to the Admissions Office, submit official college-level transcripts of all post-secondary credits received, and complete tutorial assignments and placement tests at least two weeks before your NSA appointment.

Questions? Contact us:, or 206-281-2575.

Three ways to register for autumn classes

1. Direct registration

A great way to secure your Autumn Quarter schedule without traveling to campus for an in-person advising appointment. Instead, faculty and staff choose your schedule for you, based on your preferences.  This is the quickest and most efficient way to complete your NSA.

Direct registration is perfect if you’re --

  • Traveling or working all summer.
  • An athlete with a challenging schedule.
  • Living in a different time zone.
  • Wishing to receive your schedule as soon as possible.

Direct registration is the earliest registration option, beginning in May. First steps:

  • Sign up (see How to Sign Up for NSA) and receive your initial confirmation email.
  • If you sign up prior to April 1, you’ll receive another message on or around April 1 with a link to the Direct Registration Survey (sign ups after April 1 receive the survey link directly in their confirmation email).
  • Complete and return the survey.
  • We’ll send you notice that your schedule is ready for review so you can verify and make any needed changes.  You're still able to connect with us for any questions!

2. On-campus academic advising sessions

On-Campus sessions are one-hour appointments with a faculty or staff advisor in June, July, or August:

  • June 22
  • July 19 or 20
  • August 3 or 24

Check-in times are 9, 10, or 11 a.m., and 1, 2, or 3 p.m.

Appointments last about an hour, and you’ll receive your assigned check-in time by email about two weeks before your NSA session.

During your time, you can talk with an advisor to determine a course plan that will allow exploration of various disciplines while fulfilling general degree requirements. This is a great option if you’re unsure of your intended major.

Have a significant amount of transfer coursework? At an individual session, advisors can determine a course plan that works from your advanced starting point.

While on-campus, you may also:

  • Visit and ask questions of offices such as Housing, the Center for Learning, Disability Support Services, or Student Financial Services.
  • Meet other incoming students.
  • Return required paperwork to the Health Services Office.

3. Phone advising appointments

Can’t travel to campus? Advising appointments over the phone (or email or Skype when phone is not available) are available if you want to be advised and register for classes yourself.

You’ll speak with a staff advisor to determine the best course plan for Autumn 2018, then register for those courses.

  • To be eligible for a phone advising appointment, you must first submit your advance payment and official transcripts of all post-secondary credit received, and complete all tutorial assignments.
  • The NSA office will contact you to schedule a phone advising appointment.
  • Priority is given to students living three or more hours from campus.
  • Phone Appointments are first available beginning June 11.
SPU students on campus

Admitted for Winter or Spring Quarter? Admitted for Summer?

If you are an incoming student who’s not beginning in the autumn, check out the information about NSA for Non-Autumn Admits.