To MARY KLINGSHEIM '83, a daughter, Emily, born in August 1999, and adopted in December 2000.

To DEBRA FOLDEN KONTREC '90 and Philippe Kontrec, a daughter, Jessica, born September 23, 1999. She joins brother Shawn.

To MAIJA HIGBEE MILLER '91 and JAMES MILLER '91, a daughter, Tessa Jo, born September 23, 1999.

To LAURA KIRBY CARLSON '91 and ERIC CARLSON '91, twin daughters, Emily Ann and Amanda Jean, born December 19, 2000. They join brothers Reese and Chad.

To SUSANNAH BOLD LAKE '83 and Jim Lake, a son, Colton Sawyer, born August 3, 2000. He joins brother Bailey.

To MOLLY ARBUS HURD '84 and Markham Hurd, a daughter, Mariah Jean, born August 27, 2000. She joins brother Makennan.

To PATSYANN JONES COBURN and Chase Coburn, a son, Thomas Charles, born December 12, 2000.

To KEITH ISBELL '86 and Loly Isbell, a daughter, Karen Aline, born January 11, 2001.

To KURT ALTEMUS '80 and Cynthia Altemus, a son, Clayton William, born January 22, 2001. He joins brothers Bryce and Layne.

To MOLLY GLEASON O'BRIEN '94 and KEVIN O'BRIEN '92, a son, Connor Wesley, born February 4, 2001.

To AMY GORDER COSGROVE '89 and Rodney Cosgrove, a daughter, Jenna Grace, born February 6, 2001. She joins sisters Lauren, Brielle and Audrey.

To LYNNE URFER KINDELSPIRE '93 and Mark Kindelspire, a daughter, Hannah Lynne, born February 6, 2001.

To CHRISTA MOORMEIER DE GRANDA '95 and Christopher de Granda, a daughter, Hallie Mae, born February 21, 2001. She joins brother Alexander.

To DEBBIE OLSHEFSKY GOERING M.Ed. '92 and KURT GOERING '91, a daughter, Kellan Joy, born February 24, 2001. She joins brother Gannon.

To KATHY KESTLE TAKAHASHI '94 and KYOTA TAKAHASHI '94, a daughter, Akemi Grace, born March 4, 2001.

To LINDSEY ANDERSON CHAMPION '89 and Mike Champion, a son, Luke Sutherland, born March 6, 2001. He joins brothers Mark and Steven.

To CHARLIE FARHADIAN '86 and Katherine Farhadian, a son, Gabriel Luke, born March 28, 2001.

To JANE COLLIER WERTENBERGER '91 and Jeff Wertenberger, a daughter, Anna Michelle, born May 1, 2001. She joins sisters Allison and Sarah.

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