Aidan Eli Hays

To LORRAINE (LORI) BABA HAGEN '86 and Brent Hagen, a son, Daniel Chapman, born June 25, 1997. He joins brothers Christopher and Curtis, and sister Kaylee.

To BEV SERRA ROWLAND '91 and Frank Rowland, a son, Ryan Christopher, born November 17, 1997. He joins brother Frank.

To LISA ESNOUGH HAWLEY '89 and FRED HAWLEY '91, a son, Landon Davis, born April 14, 1998.

To MICHELLE DE VRIES MURY '90 and JIM MURY '90, a daughter, Kirstin Taylor, born July 10, 1998. She joins sister Mickayla.

To RACHELLE MEE-CHAPMAN '92 and PAUL CHAPMAN '92, a daughter, Eden Claire, born July 12, 1998.

To MIA ALEXANDER HAYS '91 and COREY HAYS '92, a son, Aidan Eli, born October 25, 1998. He joins brother Austin.

To STACEY SHROPE BLEGEN '94 and Robert Blegen, a son, Cameron Robert, born December 17, 1998.

To Debbie Miller and STEVE MILLER '78, a daughter, Janae Beth, born January 2, 1999.

To KYM RASH- NEWELL '80 and Dan Newell, a daughter, Anya Shanae, born January 13, 1999.

To TINA JONGEJAN LALONDE '76 and BRUCE LALONDE '76, a son, Isaac Allen, born January 31, 1999. He joins sisters Tamara and Jennifer, brother Jonathan, and foster sisters Cindy and Desiree.

To Lonnie Walter and TIM WALTER '87, a daughter, Erin Elise, born February 7, 1999. She joins sisters Megan and Rachel.

To CONNIE BRUMFIELD BOZE '90 and TODD BOZE '89, a son, Connor Jackson, born February 13, 1999.

To KIMBERLY JOHNSON LOPEZ '91 and CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ '92, a son, Christian Andrew, born February 15, 1999. He joins sister Kelsey and brother Kyle.

To Christine Waldemer and CHRIS WALDEMER '96, a son, Jarett Christopher, born March 15, 1999.

To Rachel Snyder and JEFF SNYDER '93, a son, Jack David, born March 25, 1999.

To PATTY EIGEMAN ERWIN '87 and DAVE ERWIN '86, a son, Daniel Gene, born March 29, 1999. He joins brother Peter.

To ANNE DONOVAN CLARK '92 and DAVID CLARK '91, a daughter, Taylor Anne, born April 11, 1999.

To MICHELLE ROWLEY '87 and JEFF ROWLEY '88, a daughter, Marissa Michael, born April 15, 1999. She joins sister Allison.

To SONJA NUTLEY WEST '83 and John West, a daughter, Katherine Sophia, born April 27, 1999.

To Kimberlee Kankel and BOB KANKEL '85, a son, Ryan Duane, born May 11, 1999. He joins sister Courtney and brother Robert.

To ANNETTE BAXTER ENGLISH '88 and ERIC ENGLISH '86, a daughter, Erin Annette, born June 10, 1999. She joins twin sisters Lauren and Lindey.

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