Memoriam: An SPU Student Remembers

Response invites memories for a former SPU staff member


SPU student Belinda Aldrett

By Belinda Aldrett, SPU Senior, English Major


I met Joe Snell when I first arrived at SPU for Early Connections, at the beginning of my freshman year. During that year and the next, I knew him through the Mosiac club. But I was an Early Connections leader during my sophomore year, and there had the pleasure of working alongside Joe.


One of the many things I remember about him is that he was an amazing conversationalist and storyteller. I remember one time at the end of my freshman year, we were having a farewell party in the Student Programs office for one of the staff members.


Joe began telling us about a time he visited a black Baptist church. He described how a woman in front of him was so into worshipping that she was pushing her chair into him causing him to be squished between the wall behind him and her chair.


His facial expressions and body language while he was acting out his embarrassing experience were priceless. He made everyone in the room laugh. Joe's random stories like those would always bring joy into people's lives, which was what Joe Snell loved to do and he was good at.


"A Sermon for Joe" by Tali Hairston, director for the John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training, and Community Development


"An SPU Student Remembers" by Belinda Aldrett, SPU senior, English major


"Groundbreaking Work" by Susan Okamoto Lane, director of Multi-ethnic Programs


"A Gentle Prophet" by Debra Sequeira, professor of communication and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


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