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Multi-Ethnic Programs

Student Groups

After Choir Flava'After Choir Flava’ (ACF)

The purpose of ACF is to praise God through dance. ACF mixes hip-hop moves with music that proclaims the Gospel message. ACF offers opportunities for dancers to try-out to be a part of the Core team, which engages in various performances throughout the year in an effort to spread the Gospel through the art of dance. We also give the opportunity for those without dance experience to attend monthly dance sessions and join us in our worship by learning choreography regardless of their skill.  Above all, ACF strives to be a reflection of the awesome joy contained in the love of God our Father, his son Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit.

For more information, contact Nakaira Petty


Ante Up (Hip-Hop Dance Club)

Dance is built on inspiration, movement, and blessings from God. Dance is more than a performance, applause from an audience, or an expression of admiration from a sideliner. Dance is a journey. Spiritual, mental, and physical growth is met through the many different genres of dance. We hope that this club will provide our student body with place for inspiration, creativity, and release.

We seek to provide free hip-hop dance classes from volunteer dance teachers in the Seattle community. Student members who are interested in teaching will be encouraged as well. We provide a safe place for dancers of all levels to grow and connect with other students who have the passion for dance. We also hope to help students stay updated on dance events going on in the Seattle, including, performances, workshops and auditions.

For more information, contact Connor Pierce or see the SPU Ante Up (Hip Hop Club) group on Facebook.


Asian American Association

Asian American Association (AAA)

Asian American Association is a group of SPU students, faculty, and staff who meet for friendship, understanding, support, service, and conversations relevant to our community.



For more information, contact Brittanie Lee


Black Student Union

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU's mission is to share the richness of the African-American culture with the SPU community. BSU host events such as a campus wide FREE Soul Food dinner, "Lean on Me" tea party with faculty/staff, and a "Walk with Me" display during Black History Month. BSU is open to anyone who wants to learn and help celebrate the African-American culture.

For more information, contact Cierra Cooper or Gerdon Jones or see the SPU Black Student Union on Facebook.


Officers of International Student Club

Ekene (African Dance Club)





For more information, contact Mekie Matalda or Jackie Billups


Officers of International Student Club

Filipino American Student Association (FASA)




For more information, contact Laurence Idos or Margie Soriano


Officers of International Student Club

International Student Club

The SPU International Student Club provides support and connections between SPU international students and other students by planning on and off-campus activities, field trips, and social events.


For more information, contact Elyse Shim or see the SPU International Student Club on Facebook.



Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS) is committed to supporting underrepresented minority students entering healthcare professions and addressing health care disparities through increased awareness and community service.

For more information, contact Hannah Chong or Grace Mammarella or see the MAPS-SPU Chapter on Facebook


Mosaic ClubMosaic

Mosaic provides an atmosphere of celebration for culture and diversity at SPU. Mosaic is a club represented by students from an array of backgrounds and interests who are committed to establishing cross-cultural bridges.


For more information, contact Brittanie Lee or Salvador Deng Eng see the SPU Mosaic group on Facebook.


Officers of International Student Club


MuKappa is a club designed to connect and build community among SPU Third Culture Kids or other students who are interested in other cultures. A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is someone who spent all or part of childhood or adolescence in a country besides his or her passport country. We hold 2-3 events every quarter, involving international food, games, movies, retreats, hiking, and sharing our experiences with one another

For more information, contact Amelie Pederson




Ohana o Hawaii is a place for those interested in the Hawaiian culture and islands, whether they are from Hawaii or not. The club's name means "family of Hawaii," which is what we strive to be. The club offers community through hula practice, holiday parties, and outings around Seattle. Each year, Ohana o Hawaii prepares for its biggest event--the May Day Celebration during Spring Quarter. May Day is a typical luau that offers Hawaiian food, hula performances, Hawaiian music, and activities. As you look through SPU clubs, we welcome you to become part of the Ohana.

For more information, contact Kaui Brito


SALSASALSA (Spanish and Latino Student Awareness)

SALSA is astudent club that promotes awareness and involvement in the Spanish and Latino community and culture. All students are welcome! SALSA plans events such as Noche de Salsa, Zumba, and Cinco de Mayo.

For more information, contact Sarah Lopez or see Salsa club on Facebook.


VSA (Vietnamese Student Association)

VSA seeks to bridge cultural gaps within the university,  celebrate Vietnamese traditions and all of its beauty, and  promote awareness of current governmental injustices and third-world social economics in Vietnam. 

We are a club made up of students from all backgrounds and races, joined together by one commonality- the appreciation for Vietnamese culture.   Our vision is to incorporate Christ’s love, SPU’s motto, and our desires to “love one another- reach out the lesser.”

For more information, contact Thu Pham


Jasmine Hairston, ASSP Vice President for Intercultural Affairs

Responsibilities: Encouraging intercultural initiatives within ASSP and on campus, working with minority student leadership development, chairing the Intercultural Initiatives Committee (Catalyst), and overseeing Intercultural Coordinators


Catalyst facilitates and coordinates student campus diversity efforts under the leadership of the ASSP Vice President for Intercultural Affairs.

For more information, contact Jasmine Hairston



MEP Staff

Susan Okamoto Lane,

Director of Multi-Ethnic Programs

(phone 206-281-2598 or email

Ashley Reese

Coordinator of Multi-Ethnic Programs

(phone 206-478-5382 or email

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