Delaney Renee Johnson

The Perrow Family

To NELLIE BACKLAND OHANNES '84 and Elliott Ohannes, a son, Alexander Elliott, born January 15, 1997, and adopted in March 1998.

To SUE STEVENS KING '92 and Donavon King, a daughter, Stephanie Joelle, born November 12, 1998. She joins sister Katrina.

To MAUREEN MELCHER SKIPTON '94 and ANDREW SKIPTON '89, a son, Micah Thomas, born December 18, 1998, and adopted December 28, 1998.

To RUTH PAULS BURNETT '86 and BILL BURNETT '86, a son, Daniel Gerald, born February 5, 1999. He joins sisters Laura and Sarah, and brother Ryan.

To LISA BARBER CAVEN '94 and Michael Caven, a daughter, Lauren Lee, born March 27, 1999.

To KERRY COWAN '91 and CHRIS COWAN '91, a daughter, Katie Lynn, born April 21, 1999. She joins sister Amanda, and brothers Brandon and Connor.

To SHARON IVERSON HEDMAN '91 and NICK HEDMAN '94, a son, Calvin John, born June 4, 1999.

To Denise Hanstad and JOHN HANSTAD '86, a daughter, Olivia Hope, born June 16, 1999. She joins sisters Jessica and Amanda.

To KELLY O'SHEA SIEG '83 and WESLEY SIEG '83, a son, Kaleb Devin, born July 10, 1999.

To MICHELLE ROSS ANDERSEN '86 and Ron Andersen, a son, Bryce Christopher, born July 23, 1999. He joins brother Ross.

To HEATHER MCCAHAN LARUE '93 and SCOTT LARUE '85, a son, Aaron David, born August 7, 1999. He joins sister Emily.

To MARK VANDER POL '97 and Mandi Vander Pol, a son, Andrew Mark, born August 9, 1999, and adopted September 24, 1999.

To Svenja Bloomquist and ERIK BLOOMQUIST '90, a son, Bjrn Erik Feix, born August 27, 1999.

To KRIS DELAMARTER JOHNSON '94 and Brian Johnson, a daughter, Delaney Renee, born September 21, 1999. She joins brother Brady.

To DAWN MCCLOUD VAIL '89 and Ted Vail, a son, Daniel Judah, born September 29, 1999. He joins sisters Grace and Mercy.

To TAMMIE BARNES LINDBLOM '89 and Konrad Lindblom, a daughter, Rebekah Christine, born October 22, 1999. She joins sister Stephanie.

To LAUNA LEE HUNT PELOQUIN '80 and Raymond Peloquin, a daughter, Monique Mae, born October 31, 1999. She joins sisters Isabelle and Elisabeth, and brother R.J.

To Dawn Grove and RAWLEIGH GROVE '82, a son, Rawleigh Karsten, born November 6, 1999. He joins sister Raquel.

To LESLIE LINGREN FLETCHER '87 and Curtis Fletcher, a daughter, Caelyn Elizabeth, born November 19, 1999. She joins brothers Nathan and Ian.

To ARNELL ARN ARNTESSONI '81 and Gary Arntessoni, a daughter, Rebecca Johanna Faith, born November 20, 1999. She joins sister Michaela.

To CELENE FAUL JOHNSON '89 and STEVE JOHNSON '90, a son, Risam Faul, born November 24, 1999. He joins brothers Hazen, Estin and Shafer.

To JENNIFER COOLEY PERROW '90 and DAN PERROW '93, a daughter, Allison Amalia, born December 22, 1999. She joins brother Jacob.

To GERRY BOSCHMA KELLY '83 and BRUCE KELLY, M.A.'91, a daughter, Caleigh Joy, born January 1, 2000. She joins sister Markelle.

To SARAH GROW SCHMAHL '92 and Jim Schmahl, a daughter, Anna Maureen, born January 5, 2000. She joins sister Emma.

To KERIS BUSH HORDYK '97 and DAVID HORDYK '97, twins, Jacob Paul and Samantha Nicole, born January 23, 2000.

To KIMBERLY FINCH CRISPENO '91 and CARMEN CRISPENO '91, a son, Cameron Carl, born March 8, 2000. He joins sister Kelsey.

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