Brandon Glen Alexander

Hayley Christine Lamsma

To ANJANETTE CARLIN STRICKLER '95 and Doug Strickler, a son, Trey Douglas, born January 29, 2000.

To Stephanie Alexander and DEREK ALEXANDER '92, a son, Brandon Glenn, born February 8, 2000. He joins brother Vance.

To DENYC MUNSELL BOLES '91 and Jeffrey Boles, a daughter, Anna Grace, born March 21, 2000. She joins sister Maggie and brother Michael.

To GENA FEIND KEPLEY '86 and John Kepley, a daughter, Gretchen Anne Elizabeth, born April 17, 2000. She joins brothers Jack and Andrew.

To CAROLYN SCHULTZ BOHNEN '88 and JOSEPH BOHNEN '88, a son, Daniel James Antoni, born May 21, 2000. He joins sister Michelle.

To PAM HAIGHT HORTON '86 and JEFF HORTON '95, a daughter, Emma Joy, born June 29, 2000. She joins siblings Kiri, Megan and Andrew.

To SHARLYN WARNER TURNER '90 and BILL TURNER '91, a daughter, Helen Rose, born July 4, 2000.

To VALERIE ZECCHINO MURPHY '91 and COREY MURPHY '90, a daughter, Mackenzie Kathryn, born August 1, 2000. She joins brothers Christian and Bryce.

To ERIN LUNDIN ROCHA '96 and ABRAHAM ROCHA '97, a son, Graham, born August 8, 2000.

To ANNE KING HELMICH '93 and Bo Helmich, a son, Paul Eliot, born August 9, 2000. He joins sister Emma.

To DANIELLE DOMERGUE LAMSMA '96 and MATT LAMSMA '95, a daughter, Hayley Christine, born August 15, 2000.

To MIA ALEXANDER HAYS '91 and COREY HAYS '92, a son, Alexander Sam, born August 17, 2000. He joins brothers Austin and Aidan.

To AMBER WARTHEN HUDSON '96 and JEFF HUDSON '96, a son, Nathaniel Charles, born August 18, 2000.

To Vivian Han and BEN HAN '85, a son, Timothy Paul, born August 27, 2000.

To Amy Dempsey and WHIT DEMPSEY '90, a daughter, Abigale Grace, born September 8, 1999.

To ROBIN JOHNSON LYLE '85 and Ed Lyle Jr., a son, Edward Eugene, born September 14, 2000.

To SUSAN NELSON THORNTON '91 and Larry Thornton, a daughter, Victoria Mae, born September 15, 2000.

To AMY WARNE RAU '91 and Rion Rau, a daughter, Lindsay Anne, born September 20, 2000. She joins sisters Madisen and Emily.

To MARIA HOEK ANDONIAN '91 and Kirk Andonian, a daughter, Elisabeth Sophia, born September 27, 2000. She joins brothers Caleb, Stefan and Isaac.

To Tammy Larson and ROBERT LARSON '96, a son, Devon Robert, born October 5, 2000. He joins sister Amanda and brother Breighton.

To MICHELLE MORRELL WINCEK '92 and Gordon Wincek, twins, Isabelle Rose and Reno Gordon, born October 31, 2000. They join sister Arielle.

To MICHELLE MOUNT WOOLLEY '93 and KEITH WOOLEY '93, a son, Jason George, born November 2, 2000.

To MELANIE MITCHELL AYLES '93 and Sean Ayles, a daughter, Sydney Faith, born November 4, 2000.

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