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Up the Yangtze Movie review

Up the Yangtze Movie review

New Movie Review:
Up the Yangtze
Winter 2009 | Volume 32, Number 1 | Footnotes


To RAISSA MURREN SCHNEIDER ’00 and ANDY SCHNEIDER ’99, a daughter, Madeline Grace, born October 30, 2006.

To KENDALL ALTIZER HOWDEN ’99 and BRADY HOWDEN ’99, a son, Colby Robert, born November 28, 2006.

To AMY VAN GILDER REINMUTH ’99 and JEFF REINMUTH ’97, a son, Cooper Benjamin Walter, born and adopted December 7, 2006. He joins sister Kaelyn.

To ALISHA REED BILDERBACK ’00 and DOUG BILDERBACK ’96, a son, Ian Heywood, born March 17, 2007.

To STACIA WIGGINS CRUZ ’01 and Ryan Cruz, a son, Aiden Andrew, born April 23, 2007.

To HEATHER HANSON MOUW ’96 and Jason Mouw, a son, Wyatt Stanley Bruce, born May 4, 2007. He joins brother Jacob.

To ALLISON KISTENMACHER VAN DOREN ’01 and MATTHEW VAN DOREN ’01, a daughter, Avery Parker, born May 12, 2007.

To JANELLE MATTER DEYOUNG ’01 and Kevin DeYoung, a son, Alec Ross, born May 19, 2007.

To STAYSHA HARDEN LANMAN ’00 and JOSHUA LANMAN ’01, a son, Elijah Eugene, born June 25, 2007.

To CINDY ISAAK FUJIWARA ’95 and David Fujiwara, a son, Nathan Toshimitsu, born July 6, 2007. He joins sister Faith and brother Daniel.

To LAURA MUNTER JACKSON ’02 and SEAN JACKSON ’02, a daughter, Emma Marie, born July 11, 2007.

To Maki Hagglund and RYAN HAGGLUND ’97, a son, Ian Hiro, born August 7, 2007. He joins brother Aiden.

To TAMARA TETIRICK DOWD ’94 and Bob Dowd, a son, Caleb James, born August 15, 2007. He joins sister Brianna and brothers Tyler and Colin.

To KARLEE KALMUS ROWLAND ’98 and Matthew Rowland, a son, Caleb John, born August 20, 2007. He joins sister Kailyn.

To AMY DENNIS MACKIE ’95 and Brent Mackie, a daughter, Elizabeth Katherine, born September 10, 2007. She joins brothers David, Josiah, and Nathan.

To Angie Andreu and JOHN “JOHNNY” ANDREU ’94, a daughter, Ruby Carmen, born September 22, 2007. She joins sister Lucy.

To KRISSY MUELLER JONES ’98 and JASON JONES ’96, a son, Lucas Matthew, born September 22, 2007. He joins brother Shane.

To HEATHER HOUSER HUNT ’96 and Billy Hunt, a daughter, Hayden Flannery, born October 2, 2007. She joins sister Harper.

To AMORAH LEE NELSON ’00 and JEFFREY NELSON ’00, a daughter, Braelyn Ray, born October 28, 2007.

To LYNN WEDEBERG LO ’93 and Derald Lo, a daughter, Sarah Kate, born December 16, 2007. She joins sister Emma and brother Payton.

To CARYN NOWAK BOSTROM ’01 and LEIF BOSTROM ’03, a son, Thoren Leif, born December 17, 2007. He joins brother Anders.

To ANNA ERBELE CLASS ’04 and JOE CLASS ’04, a daughter, Emily Adeline, born December 20, 2007.

To LEAH WALBURG MARSTON ’03 and MATT MARSTON ’02, a daughter, Adeline Noelle, born December 25, 2007.

To Gretchen Johnson and KAALAN JOHNSON ’00, a son, Ashton James, born January 11, 2008.

To Jessica Medoro and MICHAEL MEDORO ’98, a son, Michael John, born January 12, 2008. He joins sister Mikaela.

To ANGELA BOEHM DEROSA ’93 and Rob DeRosa, a son, Gianni Thomas, born January 24, 2008.

To BRIANNE LUCAS ZIEMANN ’02 and MICHAEL ZIEMANN ’01, a son, Hunter Michael, born January 29, 2008.

To AMANDA ABEL LANNING ’02 and David Lanning, a daughter, Megan Elizabeth, born January 31, 2008.

To Kimberly Smith and RYAN SMITH ’98, a son, Nolan Robert, born March 7, 2008.

To HEIDI CREELMAN LAMMERS ’01 and DAVID LAMMERS ’99, a daughter, Elisa Annette, born March 29, 2008.

To ERIKA LESTELLE HEIKKILA ’00 and Heath Heikkila, a daughter, Karin Esther, born May 2, 2008.

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