To Marv Metsker and DEBBIE KOSTERS METSKER '88, a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, born December 4, 1996.

To Jay Tomes and REBECCA STARK TOMES '83, a son, Jacob Raymond, born February 25, 1997.

To Ryan Finnigan and KRISTIN HANSON FINNIGAN '91, a daughter, Courtney Jean, born March 2, 1997.

To James Lake and SUSANNAH BOLD LAKE '83, MS '87, a daughter, Bailey Connor, born March 7, 1997.

To TODD CHRISTOPHER '87 and TAMARA EDWARDS CHRISTOPHER '89, a son, Michael Todd, born March 10, 1997.

To JERROD STRID '91 and KIM FESSENDEN STRID '91, a daughter, Arianna Michelle, born March 25, 1997. She joins brother Jay.

To ANDY O'SHEA '90 and MICHELLE AUTREY O'SHEA '91, a son, Grady Isaak, born March 26, 1997.

To CHUCK SEKYRA '89 and RHONDA MONTGOMERY SEKYRA '86, a daughter, Taylor Victoria, born April 23, 1997.

To Tom Devey and HEATHER HARROP DEVEY '84, a son, Braden Thomas, born May 3, 1997. He joins sister Kristin.

To CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ '92 and KIMBERLY JOHNSON LOPEZ '91, a son, Kyle Christopher, born May 4, 1997. He joins sister Kelsey.

To Willie Cormier and JENNIFER JONES CORMIER '86, a daughter, Savannah Nicole, born May 12, 1997.

To BRIAN CHRISTIAN '91 and AMY TOMLINSON CHRISTIAN '90, a son, Connor Ray, born May 22, 1997.

To TROY MULJAT '92 and Heather Muljat, a son, Cameron Christopher, born June 4, 1997.

To Derek Smith and KAY SWANSON SMITH '83, a daughter, Karly Michele, born June 24, 1997. She joins brother Keelan.

To JON YOUNT '84 and MARJORIE BRICHOUX YOUNT '84, twins, Jessica Nicole and Daniel Jonathan, born July 1, 1997.

To Jeff Wertenberger and JANE COLLIER WERTEN-BERGER '91, a daughter, Allison Jane, born July 10, 1997.

To David Miller and LAURI JONES MILLER '89, a son, Ethan David, born July 11, 1997. He joins sister Elizabeth.

To Ted Vail and DAWN MCCLOUD VAIL '89, a daughter, Mercy Mayme, born July 13, 1997. She joins sister Grace.

To DEAN BUSCHING '94 and KRISTI LANGSTRAAT BUSCHING '93, a daughter, Brenna Renee, born July 30, 1997.

To TODD ATON '94 and Julie Aton, a son, Ryan Mitchell, born August 10, 1997.

To Tom Kenderdine and LORRAINE BALTRA KENDERDINE '88, a daughter, Jennifer Nicole, born August 13, 1997.

To MARTIN KRIENKE '86 and Kiola Krienke, a daughter, Lauren Grace, born August 28, 1997. She joins brothers Bradley, Jeffrey, Andrew and David.

To Todd Roebke and ALISA LAUBY ROEBKE '91, a daughter, Rachel Elizabeth, born September 2, 1997. She joins brother Matthew.

To Douglas Crabbe and KRISTINE TOM CRABBE '91, a son, Noah Nakana 'ela, born September 9, 1997.

To DOUG ELLISEN '85 and Linda Ellisen, a son, Casey Ross, born October 29, 1997.

To KEITH HAMILTON '84 and Debbie Hamilton, a son, Chris- topher Keith, born October 30, 1997. He joins brother Bradley.

To Scott Hunter and LYNNE NUTLEY HUNTER '78, a son, Jeremy Alexander, born November 5, 1997. He joins brothers Michael, Stephen and Christopher.


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