Abigail Elizabeth Read

To LINDA FAIRCHILD '89 and ERIC FAIRCHILD '89, a son, Brian John, born October 24, 1997.

To CHARLOTTE WAGGONER MORIN '86 and Ed Morin, a son, Andrew Edward, born December 26, 1997.

To MARY MCCULLOUGH KUDENCHUK '89 and Peter Kudenchuk, a daughter, Elizabeth Helene, born January 16, 1998.

To THERESA TODO CROOKS '85 and Carl Crooks, a daughter, Madelyn Grace, born January 17, 1998.

To JEANNIE HALLE ISAAK '90 and SCOTT ISAAK '91, a son, Dallas John, born February 3, 1998. He joins brothers Derek and Drew.

To KRISTENE DREES PROVO '89 and Daniel Provo, a son, Daniel Robison, born February 25, 1998.

To CHERYL HOEFER CARLSON '89 and Darren Carlson, a daughter, Abigail Joyce, born March 26, 1998.

To CHARLA KEMP MILLS '91 and Lee Mills, a son, Spencer Elias, born April 1, 1998. He joins brother Ian.

To KENDA TOLLEFSON GATLIN '88 and Terry Gatlin, a son, Nathan Timothy, born May 28, 1998. He joins sister Julie.

To BECKY BLAKNEY HAVER '85 and KIRK HAVER '84, a son, Zachary Peter, born May 30, 1998. He joins sister Emily.

To AMANDA MCVICKER BROOKS '97 and JOSHUA BROOKS '96, a daughter, Ariana June, born June 18, 1998.

To LYNDY HELSEL REYS '89 and Mark Reys, a daughter, Emma Florain, born June 25, 1998.

To KRISTINA BOEWE '89 and TODD BOEWE '89, a son, Parker, born June 26, 1998. He joins sister Madison.

To CAROLYN THOMPSON BASS '90 and Andy Bass, a daughter, Megan Joy, born July 10, 1998. She joins brother Jesse.

To LYNLEE GIBBS KANE and TIM KANE '89, a son, Andrew Michael, born August 4, 1998. He joins sister Kerry and brother Collin.

To DEBBIE KOSTERS METSKER '88 and Marv Metsker, a son, Benjamin Anthony, born September 8, 1998. He joins sister Caroline.

To ROBIN YOUNG MONTGOMERY '91 and LEE MONTGOMERY '89, a daughter, Bethany Melia, born September 17, 1998. She joins brother Matthew.

To SUSAN TOLLEFSON SIVERSON '81 and David Siverson, a daughter, Sarah, born September 28, 1998. She joins brothers Eric, Trent and Scott.

To JENNIFER EDGBERT READ '93 and Jon Read, a daughter, Abigail Elizabeth, born October 10, 1998.

To JULIE DEFINA HART '92 and KENNETH HART '93, a daughter, Taylor Nicole, born October 15, 1998.

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