After completing your MFA, you can add a second genre concentration to your degree or work on an extended project in your original genre. Neither of these opportunities will result in additional certification, nor will the completion of an additional genre be recorded on your SPU academic transcript, though the courses will be recorded. These are enrichment opportunities purely. 

For either option, the student will need to register as a non-matriculated graduate student prior to registering for credits. 

The form is found here.



Option A

Option A: The Third-Year Option for a Second Genre

Students who wish to add a concentration in a second genre to their MFA degrees may do so by first completing the MFA in their primary genre, and then (during or after their final quarter in the program) applying for an additional year (three academic quarters and two residencies) in a second genre.

Reading and Annotation Requirement

Students will write annotations (approximately 10 annotations per quarter) for each of the 30 books on their lists. At the mentor’s discretion, some or all of these engagements may take other forms, such as reading journal entries, developed marginalia, etc.

No critical papers will be required.


Students are required to attend two additional residencies, but registration for Art & Faith seminars is optional.

Thesis length

  • 50 pages of fiction or creative nonfiction
  • 25 pages of poetry

Option B

Option B: Additional Quarters for Extended Projects

Students who wish to work with a mentor to focus on an extended project in their original genre (generally, a book manuscript in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction) may apply to do so for one, two, or three quarters beyond their MFA graduation. Residency participation is optional and offered on a space-available basis, but for each of the additional quarters, students must register for six hours of tutorial credit.

Post-MFA Application Deadlines

Autumn Quarter

Post-MFA applications due by July 1.

Winter Quarter

Post-MFA applications due by November 1.

Spring Quarter

Post-MFA applications due by March 1.