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The CCC is committed to helping you find job opportunities, research employers, post résumés, and learn various job search techniques. The internet can be a wonderful job search tool, but don’t let it replace other job search strategies such as networking, attending career fairs, and conducting informational interviews!

Where to find jobs


On Handshake, you can search for great jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities that are posted specifically for SPU students and alumni. Postings include work study and on-campus jobs, as well as entry-level positions and career opportunities.

Note: Listing a job, internship, or volunteer position posting on Handshake does not confer an endorsement by Seattle Pacific University. It is the student’s responsibility to evaluate opportunities, employers, and sponsoring organizations.

Job Boards

In our Handshake Resource Library, you will find a rich collection of different job boards, including:

SPU Office of Student Employment

A division of SPU’s Financial Aid Office, the Office of Student Employment (OSE) manages on-campus positions, work-study programs, and part-time jobs off-campus. Available positions are posted on Handshake. For questions about state or federal work study, SPU student payroll or student financial aid, contact

The Seattle cityscape at night | photo by Lynn Anselmi

Fat paychecks, sweet perks, fun colleagues, and more than 70,000 jobs ready to be filled — these employers offer dream workplaces. Meet Fortune magazine’s top 100 places to work (many of them headquartered right in SPU’s backyard).

Tips for avoiding job scams

There are many job scams online, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between a scam and a legitimate job opening. Be cautious! Before you apply to a job online (especially “work from home” jobs), review the tips below and take time to research the company to be sure it is legitimate.

  • Never give personal bank account, PayPal account, or credit card numbers to a potential employer.
  • Never forward, transfer, or wire money to a potential employer or third party.
  • Never transfer money for an employer and retain a portion for your compensation.
  • Never pay a fee upfront to be hired, or for a “credit check,” processing fees, or training expenses.
  • Money-back guarantees may be false. Fraudulent employers will use an endless string of excuses for why you’re not entitled to a refund.
  • Do your homework and avoid being taken in by a job offer scam.
    • Visit the company website.
    • Do an internet search to see whether any negative information about the company shows up.
    • Check the email address of the sender — is it really from the company the sender claims to be representing? Messages from a Hotmail or Yahoo account may be suspect.
  • If you’re still unsure, contact the SPU Center for Career and Calling for help. 
An SPU student attends a networking event on campus

All about networking

Networking is a powerful way to learn about careers, employers, and opportunities. Statistics show that about 80% of all jobs are hired via networking.

Check out “Networking” (PPT)