At SPU, each student is part of an academic advising team: you, your faculty advisor(s), and your academic counselor. Each member of your team plays an important role in supporting your journey at SPU, finding success, and navigating any challenges as they arise. It's important to familiarize yourself with each person on your team and understand what your role is as the leader of your academic experience. It's up to you to take responsibility for your progress and for meeting all academic and graduation requirements and we are here to help guide you! 

Connect with your advising team!

Your faculty advisor is your primary academic advisor and is assigned to you based on the major (and minors) that you are pursuing. Their name is listed at the top of your Degree Check in Banner and they are a good first place to go with questions! Find out more about how your faculty advisor can assist you here.

HOW TO MEET: Find your faculty advisor's name in Degree Check, look up their contact information in White Pages, and then email them to ask how best to connect with them!

Your academic counselor is assigned by your last name and provides additional academic support to you and your faculty advisor throughout you time at SPU, from New Student Advising to your Graduation. Their name is listed at the top of your Degree Check in Banner after your faculty advisor's name.

HOW TO MEET: Find your academic counselor and their calendar here.

Student, Faculty Advisor, and Academic Counselor all overlap as your team

Academic Counseling | Office of the Registrar
*Available by appointment only

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Seattle Pacific University
Attn:Office of the Registrar
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