There are several important steps to take in order to be ready to register on time for next quarter. Here are some highlights:

  1. Meet with Faculty Advisor (Click here to learn more about their role and how to contact them!)
  2. Create a Schedule using:
    • Your Degree Check - your personalized list of official academic requirements. This is essential for you to use every quarter so you know what you still need to complete. Find it here: Banner > Student Menu > Academic Records > UG Degree Check
    • The Suggested Course Sequence for your major
    • The Time Schedule - where all the classes are listed for the year
    • Your Academic Team - Ask questions about how to plan when you meet with your Faculty Advisor (and academic counselor if you need further assistance). Making a plan for the full year or even the next several years is a wise idea. 
  3. Holds: Make sure that any registration holds on your account are lifted before Registration Week. These can prevent you from registering on time and you may miss out on a spot in a class if you haven't resolved these before your assigned registration time. Contact the office or individual named in the hold as they are the only people who can lift them. More information about holds can be found here.
  4. Your Registration Time: Look for email from the Office of the Registrar (OTR) announcing that registration times have been assigned and where to find your registration time in Banner.

Academic Counseling | Office of the Registrar
*Available by appointment only

Mailing Address
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