Your Faculty AdvisorĀ 

Your faculty advisor (FA) is assigned by the major/minor(s) you declare. Your faculty advisor’s name(s) are listed at the top of your Degree Check in Banner, and you should email them to find out how best to meet.

Your faculty advisor will assist you in the following ways:

  • Explain general requirements needed to complete an SPU degree.
  • Outline the requirements of a major or minor.
  • Assist your development of quarterly schedules and a long-term academic plan.
  • Make notes in your degree check documenting any substitutions or plans that you create together regarding major/minor requirements.
  • Help assess your academic performance.
  • Direct you to other campus resources that can enhance your educational experience.
  • Provide insight into vocation and career paths.

Contact your FA by email and ask how best to meet with them. Find their email by visiting the White Pages and entering their name (last name, first name).

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