New Student Advising

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New Student Advising (NSA) is how you'll create and register for your first-quarter class schedule.  It's designed for all new SPU students, both first-year and transfer.

To sign up and begin the NSA process all new students will complete the New Student Advising Survey. Within this survey you’ll answer questions about your academic interests, scheduling needs, and general course preferences. You can access the NSA Survey now through the "Sign up for NSA" link below or through your SPU Portal checklist.  Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete this step.

Sign up for NSA

How do I choose between registration options?

The final survey question will ask whether you'd like an academic counselor to register you for your first-quarter class schedule based on the interests and preferences you indicate in the survey, or if you'd prefer to register during a one-on-one Zoom meeting with a faculty advisor or academic counselor. Feel welcome to choose the option that's best for you!

Option One: An academic counselor registering you for your first-quarter class schedule is typically the quickest and most efficient way to get registered. This can also be a great option if you’ll have a busy summer schedule, have fewer questions, or you simply wish to register as soon as possible. Beginning June 19, students will receive their class schedule within three weeks of having completed steps 1-4 listed below.

Option Two: Registering during a one-on-one meeting with a faculty advisor or academic counselor is a good option for students with substantial transfer credits, are unsure of what they’d like to study, or simply have lots of questions. Appointment availability will vary by major, time of summer, and overall demand.  During moments of higher volume, appointments are typically scheduled 3-6 weeks out. Appointments can be scheduled beginning May 15 for appointment dates starting June 19.  

What steps are required to register?

You can complete the NSA Survey at any time (once available on March 1). However, in order to be eligible to register for classes at SPU, you will need to have completed the following:

  1. New Student Advising Survey
  2. Submitted your $200 enrollment deposit
  3. If needed for your intended major, complete any required placement tests (guidance will be provided within the NSA Survey)
  4. If you completed any college-level credits, have submitted official transcripts from the college awarding credit

Questions are always welcome!  Contact us: or 206-281-2575.

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Admitted for Winter or Spring Quarter? Admitted for Summer?

If you are an incoming student who’s not beginning in the autumn, check out the information about NSA for Non-Autumn Admits.