NSA for Non-Autumn Admits

New Seattle Pacific University students at orientation
  1. Submit updated official transcripts for ALL institutions/testing programs from which you’ve received college credit. Have all materials sent to SPU Undergraduate Admissions, 3307 Third Ave. W., Suite 115, Seattle, WA 98119.

  2. If you haven’t already, submit $200 advance payment through the Seattle Pacific portal.  For questions, connect with the Office of Admissions.

    This establishes your student account. Funds are applied to your first quarter’s tuition.

  3. Complete the required tutorial assignments and placement tests.

    Familiarize yourself with SPU’s degree requirements and student account processes before you arrive. The tutorial also contains placement tests required for class registration.

    How to do it: Log into Canvas and follow tutorial instructions. As a newly admitted student, you’ve been enrolled in the “Earning Your Undergraduate Degree” course in Canvas. Access that course for instructions.

    Note: If you’re interested in a major that requires

    • CHM 1211: General Chemistry I
    • MAT 1234: Calculus I, or
    • MUS 1104: Music Theory, then –

    You’ll need to complete placement tests for these courses before advising and registration for the first quarter can happen.

    Also note: If you will not fulfill the Foreign Language Competency requirement before enrolling at SPU, and have previously completed foreign language study in an area you wish to continue at SPU, then you must complete placement tests for these courses before NSA. Advising and registration for the first quarter depends on your completion of these placement tests.

  4. Contact us to schedule your appointment. Once you have submitted your advance payment and completed your tutorial assignments, you are ready to be advised. Call us at 206-281-2575, or email us at nsa@spu.edu, to arrange your advising and registration appointment.

Important Note: Appointment times for spring quarter admits may be scheduled once the above is complete for dates beginning Monday, February 25, 2019.