New Student Advising FAQs

New Seattle Pacific University students at orientation
This page includes many of the common questions we receive about the NSA process.  Don't find what you need? Don't hesitate to ask.  Questions are always welcome!  Contact us:, or 206-281-2575.

Which NSA option should I choose?

While we do provide some guidance on the main NSA Website, the decision is yours! If you're unsure, we'd be happy to talk through the options with you ( or 206-281-2575).

If I haven't completed all requirements, should I still sign up?

Yes, please! While those requirements are still important, signing up now allows us to begin preparing for you and to to tailor our reminders to your specific NSA choice.

If I choose Direct Registration, can I still speak with an advisor?

Yes! Students who choose Direct Registration will receive a confirmation email from their academic counselor once they’ve been registered for classes. You can simply reply to that message with any questions or changes for your schedule. You should also feel welcome to contact us at any time regardless of which NSA option you choose ( or 206-281-2575).

How do I receive the Direct Registration Survey?

For students who sign up for Direct Registration prior to April 1, you will receive a link to the Direct Registration Survey by email on or around April 1. For those students who sign up after April 1, the survey link will be provided directly in your sign-up confirmation email. This split happens because next year's catalog and time schedule are not finalized until April 1.

What if I lose my Direct Registration link or it's not working?

Let us know!  We can either troubleshoot issues or provide you with a new link ( or 206-281-2575).

Should I wait to send transcripts?

Your official transcripts are very important to the NSA process because they allow us to formally transfer credit and help best ensure we don't register you for courses you've already taken. Ideally you would provide us an official transcript from all colleges attended prior to your NSA, then follow up with a final transcript once all courses are completed.

What if I don't want to send transcripts?

A condition of your admission is to provide transcripts for any and all college-level work you've completed. In almost all cases, those transcripts will help you towards completing degree requirements at SPU.

What are official transcripts?

To be considered official, a transcript or score report must arrive at SPU in its original sealed envelope. It can be dropped off, but it must be unopened. Transcripts must come from the school or agency granting credit. This means we cannot transfer college-level credit from a high school transcript. So if you've completed Running Start or College in the High School credits, you'll need to request a transcript directly from the college providing credit. Digital transcripts are accepted when sent securely and directly to SPU from the school or agency granting credit.

When can I visit campus to complete NSA?

We look forward to the opportunity to again host in-person NSA appointments. At this time, meeting in person is not possible. We are closely following guidance of local health authorities and our University leadership, and will return to in-person meetings once permitted. If you're interested in an on-campus meeting, please indicate that preference when signing up so can schedule you as an in person meeting if that option is then possible.

Should my parents or other support people join my NSA?

Some students like to bring a support person, while others benefit from a bit of independence. You'll know what fits you best. Unlike family events (Preview, Orientation), NSA focuses on getting you advised, registered, and prepared for your first quarter’s class schedule.

What if I want to change my major?

That's great! If you have not yet registered for classes, let us know so we can update your file and ensure we're best prepared for your NSA process ( or 206-281-2575). If you've already registered, contact your Academic Counselor directly to make updates.

What if I want to change my NSA type?

That's not a problem!  Simply sign up again using the links found on the main SPU Website. We will always assume your most recent sign up is your NSA preference. If you've scheduled your NSA appointment or completed your Direct Registration Survey, it'd help us if you could also let us know ( or 206-281-2575).