Study Abroad

Warning: This Will Change Your Life

Study Abroad

Carly Andrews ’12 gazes in awe at the 97-square-mile Perito Moreno glacier during her study abroad trip to Argentina.

Close your eyes, spin the globe, and stab a country with your finger.

From Amman to New Zealand, chances are good that SPU students have studied there. We’re big on sending students all over the planet.

So when you study abroad, you’ll discover amazing places (amazing people, as well). You’ll have a chance to leave your unique mark on a different culture, and return home changed for the better.

What’s different here? At SPU you’ll discover a deeper why. Whether you’re studying community health in Guatemala, film in Paris, or archaeology in the Middle East, as an SPU student you join our mission of “engaging the culture and changing the world.”

Sound good? Then consider these three ways to travel:


It’s Time to Dream!

So visit our Study Abroad site, and click on a country, search by SPU faculty-led programs, or just run down the exhaustive list of study abroad opportunities. This is your first step in a global adventure.

You’ll never be the same.

Study Abroad

A highlight of his study abroad trip to China, Evan Moore ’11 is tackled by a throng of kindergarteners in Sichuan Province.