Business Administration Minor

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The Business Administration minor gives you a clear understanding of how business works, and, ultimately, gives you a strategy for using business as a tool to serve. After all, we believe that service is the first-order purpose of a business. Profit, rather than being an end in itself, is simply the means. In SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics, you’ll learn a wide spectrum of fundamental business principles to give you a start in the right direction.


When you minor in Business Administration, you learn from professors with decades of practical business and industry success. You will also learn in an environment that emphasizes both competence and integrity within the context of Christian faith and values. You’ll benefit from a unique approach that integrates the practical applications of business principles and the tools to put these principles into practice.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance is based upon a minimum Cumulative 2.50 GPA, completion of 5 credits in the minor with a 2.50 GPA, a minimum of 45 quarter credits of coursework complete (sophomore standing), and formal admittance to your primary major. Applications are available in Banner year-round.

Course and Degree Requirements

Courses in the Business Administration minor will cover topics such as micro- and macroeconomics, business ethics, and marketing. Review all of the requirements for a minor in Business Administration.

To earn a minor in Business Administration, you will need to take at least 30 credits, including 15 upper-division credits, with at least 15 credits earned at SPU.


Charity Osborn

Associate Professor of Business Law; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
JD, University of Michigan Law School

Phone: 206-281-2906
Office: McKenna Hall 207

SPU Alumnus Jerrell G. Davis

Alumnus Empowers Youth

Watch how Business Administration minor Jerrell Davis '14 is making a difference in the lives of Seattle's youth.