SBGE Internships


Internships allow you to explore career interests, gain critical skills specific to professional disciplines, and increase your marketability to employers.

Called to Serve. Prepared to Lead.

School of Business, Government, & Economics students gain critical industry experience through internships. Internships expand upon and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom and are a critical experience for our students. Our students have held internships at leading businesses and organizations in Seattle and beyond such as Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, Starbucks, and the Washington State Capitol.

Business Administration, Economics, & PPE Internships

The required internship experience for Business Administration, Economics, and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) majors at SPU is built around two courses – BUS 2910: Internship and Career Strategies and BUS 4942Internship Reflection and Professional Development. Students intending to apply for these majors should review the detailed internship requirements and plan their college experience accordingly.

International Sustainable Development Internships

The International Sustainable Development Major requires students to complete at least 3 credits of internship in the field of global development. Through internships, students gain hands-on experience by applying their classroom knowledge to real-world development problems. The International Sustainable Development internship experience is built within the required course ISD 4940: International Sustainable Practicum.

Political Science Internships

Political Science students are required to complete at least 1 credit of POL 4940: Political Internships. Students work closely with Dr. Ruth Ediger to plan and approve these internships.

Other SBGE Majors & Minors

Students in other SBGE majors and minors are strongly encouraged to apply for internships. For more information, visit the Center for Career and Calling website or meet with your faculty advisor. 

A Word to Employers

Having a student intern from SPU is a chance to engage with intelligent, motivated students who commit themselves to your organization and help it thrive while gaining valuable hands-on experience. In fact, many businesses have found that these interns have become a valuable, even essential, part of their operations mix.

For more information about creating or posting an internship, visit the Center for Career and Calling Employer pages.

Adidas HQ in Germany

Internship at Adidas HQ

Daniel White '17 was able to enhance his Business Administration degree and gain irreplaceable work experience with an internship at the Adidas headquarters in Germany. 

PolyScy Internships

Interns in Olympia

Four Political Science students were able to learn firsthand what the state political process is all about in Washington's capital city.