Ann Lam

SBGE Student Ann

Where did you do your internship? 

I completed my Store Executive Internship with Target at their Pike Plaza location in Downtown Seattle, Washington the summer before my senior year. Upon successfully finishing the 6-week summer internship, I was offered a full-time salary position for post-graduation. It felt surreal to walk into my senior year of undergrad with such a wonderful opportunity lined up. I continued interning part time as an Extended Executive Intern with Target throughout my entire senior year of college as well. 

What did you get to do as part of your internship? 

As an Executive Store Intern during the summer, I was mentored by a leader of Specialty Sales (Apparel, Beauty, and Tech) which was very fitting since I'm a double major in Business Administration: Information Systems and Apparel Merchandising. I was able to provide new ideas and recommend solutions to business or team opportunities. I also partnered with leaders regarding team member performance by teaching, coaching, training, and delivering timely performance feedback. I learned how to understand business reporting and guest insights to understand, troubleshoot, and follow-up on opportunity areas. No two days ever looked the same and I was able to build skills in sales, recruiting, and project management. I truly learned how to lead and develop a team of 200+ people over the course of my last year with Target. 

How did you get connected with this internship opportunity? 

Since an internship is a SBGE requirement (and rightly so), I was proactive in applying for internships my junior year of college. I utilized the Center for Career and Calling to ensure my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn were polished. I found the Target Store Executive Internship through LinkedIn and applied during fall quarter. I interviewed for the position during winter quarter and was offered the position just days after. When Covid-19 shut the world down during spring quarter, I was extremely grateful to have an internship secured for the summer before my senior year!

How did your internship impact your future personal and vocational aspirations? 

My internship has shown me how important it is for there to be women of color in leadership roles. Whether in business, education, or healthcare, our voices are crucial for advocacy. After graduation, I am headed to Vietnam on a Fulbright ETA Award for a year. After my grant, I want to gain work experience before pursuing my MBA. Eventually, I will complete a PhD and teach at the university level. Whether in an executive role at Target or an educator role at a university, one thing is for sure – I will lead. 

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