Scholarships and Awards

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SBGE Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

SBGE majors are eligible for numerous grants and scholarships ― including SPU scholarships, and federal and private financial aid.

Be sure to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible after January 1. You can also contact Student Financial Services with questions regarding financial aid, billing, and payments.

Many SBGE students also receive scholarships from the School of Business, Government, and Economics, which specifically distributes scholarships for SBGE majors. The SBGE Scholarship Application form is available February 1 – February 20.

Political Science & Global Development Scholarships

Several scholarships and fellowships are also available to Political Science and Global Development majors.

Several scholarships and fellowships are also available to Political Science and Global Development majors. These scholarships are administered separately, so you’ll need to apply for each one in which you are interested.

Truman Scholarship Competition. Each year, the Truman Foundation awards 75 to 80 $30,000 scholarships to students planning careers public service (i.e., working for the government or at a public policy organization). The application process is rigorous, including off-site interviews for finalists. Visit their website for complete information and application forms.

James Madison Memorial Fellowships. Fellowships of up to $24,000 for graduate-level study of the U.S. Constitution. Open to secondary school teachers of social studies or history and those planning to become teachers.

Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships. Scholarships of up to $12,000 awarded to outstanding juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have “a clearly demonstrated interest in the classical liberal/libertarian tradition of individual rights and market economies, and are interested in applying the principles of this tradition in their work.”

SBGE Alumna Sandy Zimmermann

Meet Sandy Zimmermann

Sandy Zimmermann '16 is a data analyst at Starbucks, a School of Business, Government, and Economics alumna, and a first-generation college graduate.

Financing Your Education

Seattle Pacific will administer over $100 million in financial aid for 2018–19. See how we can design a financial aid package for you.

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