Economics Minor

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A minor in Economics gives you a deeper, more well-rounded background for success as you major in Political Science or prepare for law school. It provides a better understanding of the often-misunderstood system behind profit and loss, micro- and macroeconomics, or the ethical implications of commerce. As an Economics minor, you will also satisfy requirements for a teaching endorsement in economics.


When you minor in Economics, you’ll gain the advantage of knowing how financial systems work ― and what it may take to move ahead. You’ll also be learning from professors with years of practical business and industry success, and you’ll be learning in an environment that emphasizes both competence and integrity within the context of Christian faith and values.

As an Economics minor at SPU, you’ll benefit from a unique approach that integrates the practical applications of business principles and the policies to put these principles into practice.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance is based upon a minimum Cumulative 2.50 GPA, completion of 5 credits in the minor with a 2.50 GPA, a minimum of 45 quarter credits of coursework complete (sophomore standing), and formal admittance to your primary major. Applications are available in Banner year-round. 

This minor is not available to students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, or other Business minors. If you are a Business major interested in Economics, please select the Economics concentration in your program. 

Course and Degree Requirements

Courses in this minor will cover topics such as micro- and macroeconomics, business ethics, and managerial economics. Review all of the requirements for a minor in Economics.

Ultimately you will need to take at least 30 credits to earn a minor in Economics, including 15 upper-division credits, with at least 15 credits earned at SPU.

Faculty Contact

Geri Mason

Associate Professor of Economics
PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Phone: 206-281-2709
Office: McKenna Hall 216

Geri Mason

Why I Teach at SPU

Geri Mason, Aassociate Professor of Economics

"I teach at SPU because I am a translator — of concepts, of economics, of poverty and development issues, and of passions."