SBGE Academic Petition

Students should submit this petition when seeking approval to depart from any SBGE major or minor requirement. For example, students should use this petition to request permission to take a course before or concurrently with a course listed as its prerequisite, or to substitute some alternative course or competency for a listed requirement.

Instructions to Student (please read and follow carefully):

  1. Complete and sign the form. Download and complete this form, including as much detail as necessary to communicate your request. 
  2. Email it to your Faculty Advisor. Sign and save the petition, then email it (along with your supporting document, if applicable) to your Faculty Advisor. Ask your faculty advisor to review and sign the petition, then email it to the Associate Dean.
  3. Wait 5-7 days for a decision. Once the Associate Dean has received the petition from your Faculty Advisor, they will review and either approve or deny it within a week. If they deny it, they will explain why. If they approve it, they will make the administrative changes necessary to implement your request. If you don’t hear back in a timely manner, check in with your Faculty Advisor for information about the holdup.