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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Mentor Program is actively serving students.
Orientations and interviews will be held virtually for the foreseeable future.

You probably have questions about what your future looks like.  The Mentor Program connects you with professionals in your chosen industry.  These professionals can give you an informed picture of what a career in a specific industry might look like, and what you might need to succeed there.

Dedicated to You

While many universities offer some form of mentoring program, SPU’s Mentor Program delivers a student-driven approach that is unique to your goals and to your needs, not limited by alumni networks or scripted experiences. You can do so using one of our three Mentor Program Tracks: Mentor, Job Shadow, or Career 360.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can begin at any time, during any quarter, while pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree. We do have one exception, though: we do not find mentors or hosts for students in their final quarter at SPU.  Do not wait until the last minute!
  • Meet one-on-one with your mentor or host, rather than in small groups. Get the guidance that you need.
  • You direct the content of your mentorship and the success of your experience by creating meeting agendas based upon your program goals.  The more effort you put into planning for your meetings, the more you and your mentor will both get from the experience.
  • Interact with the best. More than 2,000 professionals from a wide variety of industries, roles, and levels of experience have already served as mentors or job shadow hosts in our program, and we are constantly recruiting new professionals based upon student need and the interest of respected community partners.
  • Customize your experience. If you would like to meet someone in a unique industry, someone with a specific role, or a new contact at a particular company, we will make an effort to recruit a mentor for you that meets your criteria.

How Do I Sign Up?

Ready to sign up for the Mentor Program?  Here’s how to participate in the program:

To participate in the Mentor Program, you must first complete the online Mentor Program application.  Keep in mind that we will eventually share this application with your mentor.

  1. First, log in to the Mentor Program page in the Banner Information System. (From within the Banner system, select the Student Menu, then Mentor Program.)
  2. On the SBGE Mentor Program page, select “Add new application.”
  3. While filling out this application, you will be asked to provide a referral to the program.  This referral should be a faculty or staff person who knows you.  If you are a PPHS student, or in the Exercise Science program, that referral should be your advisor.
  4. Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you will be asked to both submit a current résumé and to complete an interview/orientation with one of the Center for Applied Learning staff.

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The Mentor Advantage

The Mentor Advantage

2012 SPU graduate Sarah Konopasky has worked on the front lines of the battle against cancer. Through SPU’s Mentor Program, she served in the research labs of one of the world’s foremost experts on prostate cancer.


Beyond Mentoring

In Career 360, you can meet with several people within a single company to gain a variety of perspectives. In a job shadow, you'll spend a half day observing a professional of your choice. Contact the Center for Applied Learning at or 206-281-2942.

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Faith, science, and mentorship came together for SPU biochemistry student Dylan Marashi and Dr. Max Hunter. 

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