Business, Economics, & PPE Internships

The SBGE Internship Program for Business Administration, Economics, and PPE students consists of these three parts:

  1. Pre-internship class (BUS 2910 or GS 3001, 1 credit)
  2. Internship experience (approval required)
  3. Post-internship reflection course (BUS 4942, 2 credits)

Pre-Internship Course

BUS 2910: Internship and Career Strategies
(or GS 3001: College to Career Planning)

Students intending to major in Business Administration, Economics, or P.P.E. should register for one of these pre-internship courses by the end of their sophomore year. These classes are intended to help develop skills for finding an internship that will be a good match for your strengths and calling. Topics include writing a professional résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews, and understanding the requirements for an approved internship.

Internship Experience

Internships that meet the criteria for BUS 4942 must:

  • Be a minimum of 80 hours, paid or unpaid.
  • Include a significant level of responsibility that relates to SBGE coursework and is not just filing, answering phones, and photocopying.
  • Meet the standard SPU internship qualifications (see Internship FAQs).

Experiences that will NOT meet the criteria for BUS 4942 include those where:

  • Students work on their own without on-site supervision or training.
  • Their supervisor is an immediate family member.
  • Operations are from a home office or include personal errands.
  • Students are required to use their own personal network to generate leads.
  • Charges, fees or equipment/supply purchases are required of the student.

Before you begin your internship, you must:

  • Complete the SBGE Internship Approval Form on Handshake. Follow these instructions for help.
  • Once you have submitted the form, the Center for Career & Calling will initiate the approval process. Approvals take place sequentially. First, your site supervisor and finally the course instructor will approve and give you permission to register for credit.

Post-Internship Reflection Course

BUS 4942 Internship Reflection and Professional Development
(2 credits)

This class provides an opportunity for reflection on a student’s internship experience.  Students will reflect on how they observed and applied principles of business, faith, service, and leadership in a professional business setting. BUS 4942 also serves as a venue for learning assessment in support of our overall academic program.

  • Prerequisite: BUS 2910 or GS 3001
  • Must have completed or be currently working in an SBGE approved internship.
  • Must be taken within one year of your internship experience.

For questions about finding an internship, please contact the Center for Career and Calling

The BUS4942 Internship Reflection Class Approval form

You can now register for the BUS4942 Internship Reflection Class online via your Handshake account.  Simply click on the "Career Center" tab at the top, then "Request an Experience" and select the "BUS4942 Reflection Class Approval form" from the drop down.  For detailed instructions, click here.