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What Do I Have to Do to Fulfill the Internship Requirement?

Students earning degrees in Business Administration, Economics, and PPE, must fulfill the same required three-part internship sequence, which we strongly recommend starting during sophomore year-or as soon as possible upon entering the major.

Students Must: 

1. Take BUS 2910: Internship and Career Strategies or GS 3001: College to Career Planning (1 credit), to develop skills related to identifying and articulating strengths and skills, prepare for the job search, network, interview, and get ready for the workplace; 

2. Work a total of 80 hours at a qualifying internship or other approved work experience; and 

3. Complete BUS 4942 (1 credit), an early career professional development course, which is designed to help students synthesize, demonstrate, and enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed during their work experience and in preparation for their career journey, within one calendar year of their approved internship experience

Before any student may enroll in BUS 4942, they must seek and obtain approval for their internship or work experience from the SBGE Internship Coordinator. 

How Do I Get My Internship or Work Experience Approved?

Fill out the BUS 4942 Internship and Work Experience Approval Form on Handshake. Follow these instructions for help. 

Once a student has submitted the form, the SBGE Coordinator will initiate the approval process. First, Handshake will email the person the student has listed as their site supervisor, asking them to review and approve the information on the application. Then, the SBGE Coordinator will review sand approve or reject the application. Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis subject to the internship and work experience requirements outlined below. Following approval, the Coordinator will lift the student's registration hold and send the student an email letting them know. Once a student's internship or work experience has been approved, they can register for BUS 4942. 

What Kinds of Internships or Work Experiences Are Likely To Be Approved?

An internship, in the traditional sense, is a temporary position (paid or unpaid) that is specifically designed to provide students with practical work experience in a particular field or industry. Many companies still hire interns, and internships are incredibly valuable to students both for experience and potential job opportunities in a company or area. For this reason, we strongly encourage every student who is able to pursue and complete an internship. 

We recognize, however, that traditional internships are not feasible option for all our students- and we want all our students to be adequately prepared for professional life. Non-internship work frequently offers students practical experience and development opportunity while holding them accountable to the outcomes of their roles and is a more practical option for students with financial or other personal constraints. For that reason, in addition to internship experience, we accept most work experience as sufficient preparation for enrollment in BUS 4942. 

Internships and work experience that meets the requirements for admission to BUS 4942 must: 

  • Total at least 80 hours of work- paid or unpaid 
  • Include oversight by a manager or other site supervisor who is not an immediate family member and who holds the student accountable to the job; 
  • Incorporate typical employment-related expectations (whether paid or unpaid) such as working on a team, regular meetings, performance management, and the like; and 
  • Involve connections between SBGE coursework which the student can articulate in their Handshake application. 

Why Can't I Register for BUS 4942?

Sometimes, even after a student filled out the appropriate form on the Handshake and successfully obtained approval for their internship or work experience, Banner prevents them from registering for BUS 4942. This is typically due to an administrative error and can be resolved by the SBGE Internship Coordinator. If you know your internship or work experience on Handshake was approved and you still cannot register for BUS 4942, contact the Internship Coordinator for assistance.

More often, however, the student attempting to enroll in BUS 4942 has not obtained approval for their internship or work experience. If you have not filled out the Handshake application on Banner and obtained approval for your internship or work experience, you will not be able to enroll in BUS 4942. Complete the application, await approval, and try again.

What If I Have Questions About My Internship or Work Experience?

Read through all of this information first. If you still have questions, contact your faculty advisor (listed at the top of your Banner Degree Check.) They will be able to help you determine whether your experience meets the requirements outlined above. 

If you still have questions-or your Handshake application has stalled or otherwise not been approved-reach out to the SBGE Coordinator. 

Note: Prior to Autumn 2021, BUS 4942 was a variable 2-6 credit course. Students admitted to their major prior to Autumn 2021 will see in Banner Degree Check that they are required to satisfy 2 credits for BUS 4942. Due to the course now being offered as a 1 credit course, SBGE is permitting these students to have fewer credits in this requirement as long as they meet the university minimums for total credits. A note will be added to your Degree Check by your faculty advisor. 

For questions about finding an internship, please contact the Center for Career and Calling.


Charity Osborn

Associate Professor of Business Law; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
JD, University of Michigan Law School

Phone: 206-281-2906
Office: McKenna Hall 207

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