Scholarship & Award Recipients

The School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University awards undergraduate scholarships and special end-of-year awards to students who exemplify excellence in their respective field of study. All are made possible by generous donations from alumni, businesses, and friends of the School of Business, Government, and Economics.


2019 – 2020 

McKenna Christian Leadership 
Shiasia Carter
K'reisa Cox
Davis Delfin

Frances Lydia Denniston
Mariah Alexander

Ann Lam

Kauppila Family
Sierra Smith
Katherine Walter

Rotary Club of Magnolia
Olivia Heale
Hannah Holmgren
Natasha Koval
Rachel Lilly
Shaylynne Matayoshi
Isabel Walker

Anderson Family
Edgar Ibarra

Anduin Foundation
Hannah Strachan
Saryn Grout
Colton Smith

Business Leader
Josie Bowlouden

Lisa Klein Surdyk Memorial
Alex Kibbe

Dupar Foundation
Estifanos Asmare
Alexandar Brown
Aliyah Hammond
Daicy Sanchez
SBGE Academic Excellence
Travis Swallow

Moss Adams
Shiasia Carter
Marissa Thompson
Rebekka Zander

Vicki Lee Morley Memorial
Hannah Holmgren

E. Gerald and Katherine Teel
Alexandar Brown
Lauren Giese
Katherine Walter
Rebekka Zander

F. Wesley Walls and Elizabeth Walls
Dana Creswell
Katherine Drake
Olivia Heale
Crystal Senados

Ned Bohrer
Josie Bowlouden

Charles & Barbara Anderson
Rycki Cruz
Amir Zenu

Jordan L Crouch
Kate Underwood

Gwendolyn & Janet Koch
Alexandar Brown

Monty & Eunice Morton

Estifanos Asmare

O'Leary Family
Dana Creswell


Annual Awards — 2019

Orrin E. Tiffany Political Science Student of the Year Award
Anastasia Kharitonova

Omar Burns Award for Political Science
Lauren Lindenberg

C.Y. Chiang Award for International Affairs
Alia Peterson

F. Wesley Walls Award for Law & Public Policy
Carly Pena

Kathleen Braden Award for Global Development Studies
Molly Merriman

Douglas A. Downing Distinguished Economics Award
Jeanette Silvernale

Distinguished Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Award
Kaylie Pattni

Gordon & Mary Nygard Writing Award
Anastasia Kharitonova

Amazon Spheres

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Does Business Matter to God?

Does Business Matter to God?

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