Gordon and Mary Nygard Writing Award

The School of Business, Government, and Economics seeks to graduate "students of competence and character." One vital area of competence we seek to develop in our students is the quality of their writing. The annual Gordon and Mary Nygard Writing Award is one way we encourage good writing and recognize the best among our undergraduates.

Each quarter, the SBGE faculty collects the best examples of undergraduate student writing.  A panel of faculty judges review the papers in the spring and select the one they deem most outstanding.  The award winner receives a certificate and $1000 award prize.
Past recipients of the Gordon and Mary Nygard Writing Award include:

2006    Briana Murphy

2007    Mackenzie White

2008    Brad Kulp

2009    Matthew McGrath          

2010    Lorrie Cope

2011    Michael Richards

2012    Scott Jackson

2013   Kyle Peterman

2014   Rebecca Harryman

2015   Morgan Glascock

2016   Jonathan Roberts 

2017   Katherine E. Lewis
2018   Alex P. Donka

2019   Anastasia Kharitonova

2020   Patrick Noonan

2021   Cambria Judd Babbitt

2022   Justin Freeman

2023   Hunter Beirne

 SBGE Student Hunter
 Hunter Beirne