Sustainable Management Minor: People, Planet, & Productivity

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The Sustainable Management minor is an excellent addition to ANY major! This minor gives you the opportunity to study how business and policy can positively impact some of the biggest needs facing our world today. Students will intensively study the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability issues, climate change, and sustainable innovation with a focus on people, planet, and productivity. 


When you minor in Sustainable Management, you will learn about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what it means to manage for people, planet, and productivity simultaneously. As a PRME Champion, SBGE emphasizes Christian themes and values that inform the advancement of human flourishing and creation care. As more and more businesses and organizations implement strategic initiatives related to sustainability, this minor will prepare you for the future of work with an understanding of key issues.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance is based upon a minimum Cumulative 2.50 GPA, completion of 5 credits in the minor with a 2.50 GPA, a minimum of 45 quarter credits of coursework complete (sophomore standing), and formal admittance to your primary major. Applications are available in Banner year-round.

Course and Degree Requirements

Courses in the Sustainable Management minor will cover topics such as climate change, an introduction to the challenges and opportunities of sustainability, and sustainable innovation. Review all of the requirements for a minor in Sustainable Management.

To earn a minor in Sustainable Management, you will need to take at least 30 credits, including 15 upper-division credits, with at least 15 credits earned at SPU.

Faculty Contact

Charity Osborn

Associate Professor of Business Law; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
JD, University of Michigan Law School

Phone: 206-281-2906
Office: McKenna Hall 207

Students and Sustainability

Rachel LaBrie, Accounting and Business Administration major, shares about her experiences learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and how she sees them connected to her faith.