Entrepreneurship Minor

Student presenting plan at 2018 Social Venture Plan Competition

A minor in Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you’ll need to move ahead ― and avoid the pitfalls that can rob well-meaning business ventures of the kind of profits they need to succeed. Consider a minor in Entrepreneurship if you’re not a Business or Accounting major, and you’re interested in business planning and have the desire to run a successful business.


An Entrepreneurship minor from SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics prepares you for the tough decisions every entrepreneur is sure to face. You’ll receive a solid foundation in all the basics of independent businesses, and you’ll minimize the fear factor by learning in a university environment that promotes competence and integrity within the context of Christian faith and values. An Entrepreneurship minor at SPU is your first step to real-world success.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance is based upon a minimum Cumulative 2.50 GPA, completion of 5 credits in the minor with a 2.50 GPA, a minimum of 45 quarter credits of coursework complete (sophomore standing), and formal admittance to your primary major. Applications are available in Banner year-round. 

This minor is not available to students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics or other Business minors.

Course and Degree Requirements

Courses in the Entrepreneurship minor cover topics such as marketing, accounting, business planning, management, and ethics. Review all of the requirements for a minor in Entrepreneurship.

You will need to take at least 30 credits to earn a minor in Entrepreneurship.


Charity Osborn

Associate Professor of Business Law; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
JD, University of Michigan Law School

Email: osbornc@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2906
Office: McKenna Hall 207

Why I Teach at SPU

John Godek, Associate Professor of Management

"Helping people learn, both young and old, seems to have been my calling for as long as I can remember. University teaching in particular has been a natural fit with my own intellectual curiosity, and I especially enjoy the challenge of engaging with bright students and helping them to connect the theoretical aspects of what they learn in the classroom with practical applications for their future professions."