Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Biology Major

BA Applied Human Biology

A bachelor of science degree in Applied Human Biology from SPU is the ideal foundation if you plan to enter a physical therapy doctoral degree program after your undergraduate studies. The broad curriculum of this degree satisfies the basic requirements for entry into physical therapy as outlined by the American Physical Therapy Association.

About the Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Biology Major

As an Applied Human Biology major, you’ll use an interdisciplinary approach to better understand human beings from biological and behavioral perspectives. You’ll examine the human condition through classes in anatomy and physiology, chemistry, psychology, biomechanics, and more.

Career Opportunities

After graduation, you'll be on your way to serving in a position such as:

  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Health coach
  • Personal trainer
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical office manager
  • Health product salesperson
  • Medical writer

Courses and Requirements

For a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Biology major, you will be required to take at least 108 credits, including at least 23 upper-division credits. Review all the bachelor of science in Applied Human Biology courses and requirements, as well as a suggested course sequence. BIO 3899 is recommended, but not required for this degree. No more than 6 credits of courses numbered from BIO 4900 through 4999 may be applied to this major.

To apply to the BS in Applied Human Biology major, you must make a formal application through your Degree Status Check page in Banner.

Faculty Contact

Cara Wall-Scheffler

Professor and Co-Chair of Biology
PhD, University of Cambridge

Phone: 206-281-2201
Office: Eaton 107

Jenny Tenlen

Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Biology
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2007
Office: Eaton 113
First Generation student


Why I Teach at SPU

Cara Wall-Scheffler, Professor of Biology

“I teach at SPU because it is a place that values academic freedom and the love of learning. We have extremely talented students and colleagues who all ask wonderful questions. It is a place that enlivens the mind and pushes ideas into new contexts.”

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