Eaton Hall

Biology Faculty posing in Eaton Hall Foyer

Biology department faculty: Front (from left to right): Danny Wright, Rick Ridgway, Ryan Ferrer, Tim Nelson, Cindy Bishop, Eric Long, Elie Brezynski, Cara Wall-Scheffler, Tracie Delgado, Max Hunter, Charlotte Pratt, Jenny Tenlen, Janet Bester-Meredith, and Derek Wood

Eaton Hall is the home of the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, and includes teaching and research labs, a greenhouse, and microscopy facilities.

Erickson Conference

Erickson Undergraduate Research Conference

The annual Erickson Conference showcases the outstanding research contributions our students are making in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Blakely Island

Blakely Island Field Station

The Blakely Island Field Station serves as the teaching site for upper-division biology courses in marine, aquatic, and terrestrial ecology; and introductory biology and astronomy for non-science majors.