2014 Murdock presenters

Murdock Conference 2014 SPU Attendees

Left to right: Patrick Nielsen, Haley Vincent, Reed Hawkins, Carmen Hové, Jubilee Brenneman, Madison Strawn, Maya Swinehart, Kelli Wilner, Cara Lord, Dylan Marashi, Dr. Wade Grabow

The 2014 Murdock College Science Research Conference was held in Vancouver, WA, and hosted by Pacific University. This conference featured undergraduate research from universities around the Pacific Northwest, including 16 from Seattle Pacific. The students were accompanied by Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Wade Grabow.

Student Presenters (highlighted in bold text)

Oral Presentation:

Madison Strawn, Dr. Ryan P. Ferrer, and Dr. Karisa Pierce. Identification and Quantification of Paralytic Toxins in Puget Sound Marine Organisms.

Poster Presentations:

Jubilee Brenneman, Allison Cutting, and Dr. Eric Long. Estimating population size of black-tailed deer on Blakely Island, Washington.

Camillo M. Candido, Dr. Karisa Pierce, and Dr. Ryan P. Ferrer. Saxitoxin and the ochre sea star: Molecule of keystone significance and a classic keystone species

Reed M. Hawkins, Reyn M. Kenyon, Dr. Timothy A. Nelson, and Dr. Richard L. Ridgway. DMSP localization in the macroalga, Ulva lactuca, by immunofluorescence microscopy.

Carmen M. Hové and Dr. Cara M. Wall-Scheffler. Comparing Preferred and Optimal Walking Speeds.

Grace E. Mammarella, Melissa E. Rowe, Maya D. Swinehart, and Dr. Janet K. Bester-Meredith. Manipulations of AVP and Olfaction Lead to Variations in Parental Care and Aggression in California Mice.

Dylan Marashi, Tucker Rodgers, and Dr. Wade Grabow. Monitoring nanoparticle self-assembly using a bifurcated fluorescent aptamer.

Patrick Nielsen, Cara Lord, and Dr. Jenny Tenlen. Identifying Homologs of Conserved Germline Development Proteins in Tardigrades.

Genevieve Roberts, Dr. Katey Houmiel, and Dr. Derek Wood. Unraveling the Genome of Agrobacterium rhizogenes A4.

Maya N. Thetford and Dr. Cara M. Wall-Scheffler. Do kinematics signal energetic optimality? Evidence from human walking studies.

Haley Vincent, Camillo Candido, and Dr. Ryan P. Ferrer. The Physiological Effects of Seastar Wasting Syndrome on Mytilus edulis.

Kelli Wilner, Dustin Kress, and Dr. Wade Grabow. Characterization of a tertiary interaction found in thetetrahydrofolate (THF) riboswitch.